High John the Conqueror Oil for Luck, Money, Love

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High John the Conqueror Oil is one of the most powerful Conjure Oils to work with, and rightly so! It can help you accomplish just about anything. It can be used for money drawing, good luck, power, success, passion, sexual arousal, love, games of chance, prosperity, new opportunities, and strength. You name it, High John can do it! It comes in a ½ oz glass bottle.

What does High John the Conqueror Oil do:

  • Enhance the power of rituals when used with other Conjure Oils.  
  • Promote luck, prosperity, new opportunities, confidence, and strength.
  • Deepen the romantic relationship and stimulate passion between two people and draw in new love.
  • Inspire success with legal matters, personal goals, and games of chance.


What are the ingredients in High John the Conqueror Oil:

We make our High John The Conqueror Oil by crushing up real High John root and mixing it with a touch of cedar, pine and sandalwood oils. 


How to use High John the Conqueror Oil:

There are countless ways you can use High John the Conqueror Oil. You can anoint it on your body, put a few drops in the heel of your shoes, anoint some on talismans and power objects.  Put a bit in the bath, dab some on some dollar bills or coins and keep them in your wallet, place some on important documents, in your cash register, or on a business ledger. High John Oil can also be mixed with other oils for different magical intentions.

It's wonderful with our Seduction/Passion Oil and also works fabulously with Money Drawing Oil. If you are interested in dispelling negative energy, mix some with Uncrossing Oil or Spell Breaker. If you want to create new opportunities quickly, mix a bit with either Road Opener Oil or Blockbuster Oil. Anoint some on a railroad spike and hang it on the back side of your front door. Use some oil to draw three crosses on your front door in order to draw in good luck and abundance. As you do this, simply say “In the name of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit.” It's that simple!



Sold as a Curio. For external use only.  Please note that High John Root can be poisonous when ingested. All Art of the Root products are handmade daily in the USA.

Customer Reviews

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Daisey Taylor

I will absolutely be buying more


I did get more looks at the gym. I thought about gambling but opted not to, I may update if I decide to gamble again using the oil. Didn't receive any unexpected cash this day or gift of any sort...
I didn't feel more confident than usual, might have just been a lazy day (day before new moon and eclipse in April 2022).
I will continue to use it and see what happens in different scenarios.

Juicy Intuition
Sugar Baby Must Haves

All the guys swoon over me. They treat me really nice and buy me anything I desire 💎

Cheantel Blount

High John the Conqueror Oil for Luck, Money, Love

Dee Williams
Love it

Honestly, I love all the oils I have purchased from Art of the root. I did combine High John with the money oil and won some money. I also just love to meditate with this oil, and wear it when, I going to bed.