What are Conjure Oils and How to Use Them

Although the use of conjure oils are commonly used by today’s spiritual practitioners, they have been used since ancient times. Today, the use of such oils remains a staple in a multitude of spiritual and ritual practices. Many people believe that conjure oils can help a person achieve their goals whether in matters of the heart, mind or soul. When aspiring to reach higher spiritual energies, people reach for various types of oils to help achieve their goals.   

The term anointing oils originates in the Bible[1].  Today the term anointing oil is often interchangeable when referring to Wiccan oils, anointing oils, dressing oils, or conjure oils. Although there may be different terminology, the primary purpose remains the same.

What are Conjure Oils? 

Depending upon the specific outcome one seeks, conjure oils are unique oil blends of essential oils, herbs, resins, botanicals, roots and other ingredients that work together to promote the result desired. Fundamentally, a good ritual oil is believed to have the ability to help boost energy so one’s intentions can be manifested. This power comes from the ingredients themselves. Each ingredient contains its own unique magical property. When combined with others, the magical properties are enhanced and the outcome of one’s intention becomes more obtainable. 

The Historical Use of Magic Oils 

The origin of magic oils has a strong connection to herbal healing practices going as far back as the ancient Egyptians.[2]  The same herbs and oils that were used to cure people were also seemingly used to for other purposes. Those who specialized in embalming the dead also used their expertise for the living by creating mixtures to beautify skin and protect it from the harsh, damaging desert climateKynes To ancient people, this was seen as magic. Today, the belief in magical has not waivered. It has extended to our most well-known used oils today.  Oils like:  

  • Uncrossing oil: Helps to clear away crossed conditions such as hexes, curses, spells, jinxes, crossed conditions.  
  • Van Van Oil: Made to increase luck and protect against the evil eye.  
  • Crown of Success Oil: Made to help achieve one’s objectives.
  • Come to Me Oil: Made to help entice a romantic interest and draw them in.
  • Money Drawing OilMade to attract riches and wealth and draw in more income.
  • Hot Foot oil: Crafted to drive away the user's enemies by poisoning their feet. 

How Anointing Oils are Made? 

Anointing oils are made from a blend of essential oils, herbs, roots, minerals and other materials. These ingredients are blended into a carrier oil such as olive oils, almond oil or jojoba oil. In some cases, vitamin E or other ingredients are added to these oils to improve shelf life and add a moisturizing element for those being applied directly to the skin.  

Anointing oils are measured carefully and often combined with other powerful elements, such as crystals and stones like quartz, pyrite and lodestone. 

How Anointing Oils Can Be Used?

How you use anointing oils depends on the goal or intention you wish to manifest. When used in physical or emotional healing rituals, these oils can be applied directly to the body, either on the forehead, pressure points, or collarbone.  

They may also work by being added to a diffuser bracelet or necklace, which can be worn, either all the time, or at certain times. This practice is often best when using oils to ward off evil spirits or deflect enemies. 

Of course, there are many other ways to use anointing oils aside from applying them to the body. They can also be used on physical objects, and the object you apply the oils to depends largely on your intentions. 

  • To attract wealth, luck or success, use anointing oils on your wallet or money, or anoint a candle. Try using your favorite Money Drawing Oil.
  • To place a curse or banish an enemy, use the oil on a picture of your enemy or anoint a place your enemy will come into physical contact with.  
  • To protect yourself, anoint a candle or add oils to the doorways of your home, vehicle or office.  
  • To attract love or sexual desire, anoint yourself directly, or anoint a candle or an object your desired partner will come into physical contact with. Try using Love & Attraction Oil.

Finding the Right Oils 

Conjure oils have been used for centuries. People use these oils for banishment, for healing, for love, for money for manifestation and for every purpose imaginable.  You can purchase conjure oils or you can craft your own.  If you purchase, be sure it is from a reputable maker who uses wholesome ingredients with good intentions.  If you make your own oils, be careful to take the time to gather the best ingredients available, and follow the best recipe you can find so that you can have the best chance to achieve the desired results. It's vital to use only high-quality ingredients. If the oils will be applied directly to the skin, be sure to check that they're safe for skin.  

With careful research and consideration when selecting which type of oil best suits your needs, there's no doubt that you'll see the benefit.

[1] SEE: Exodus 30:23  Where Anointing Oil is made with myrrh, cinnamon, & calamus. 

[2] SEE:  The History of Herbal Medicine and Essential Oils; Sandra Kynes.  

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