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Healing Shea Soap Bar for Grief, Loss & Sadness

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Our Healing Shea Soap bar is a perfect remedy for both physical and emotional pain, sorrow, and grief. It is an ideal blend for helping you to tune into your own inner needs and find a place of harmony and serenity. Use it any time that you get over-stressed, depressed, or even when you simply need to unwind from a chaotic day. Another significant effect of this herbal soap is its ability to enhance your emotional processing which can enable you to cope and resolve challenges you're faced with. It's also wonderful to use when struggling with any type of heartache.  it comes in a 4 oz bar of soap.

What does Healing Shea Soap Bar do:

  • Help you find peace in times of difficulty, grief, and sorrow.
  • Aid you in emotional processing to help work through and overcome trauma.
  • Lend comfort for emotional and physical pain.
  • Allow you to tune into, identify and care for inner needs. 
  • Help alleviate stress and ease depression.


What are the ingredients in Healing Shea Soap Bar:

Into the shea butter, we blend lavender, thyme, allspice, and eucalyptus.


How to use Healing Shea Soap Bar in a Ritual Bath:

To take a ritual bath, gently wash with the Healing Shea Soap Bar from your toes to your head, praying or saying your intentions; be specific and meaningful. Try your best to keep negative thoughts at bay while you concentrate on what it is you want to manifest. You don't have to soap your hair, but we suggest taking a bowl or cup of water and swishing in some of the soap, and then pouring it over your head. When you are finished, if you wish, soak in the bath for 20 minutes, feeling the energy of the herbs, oils, and resins in the Healing Shea Soap Bar permeating deep within your body, bringing you peace and comfort. When you are finished, you may towel dry your hair, but allow your body to air dry if possible, so as to not dry away your intentions. Save some bath water and take it to a crossroads or your front yard and throw it toward the East. 




Sold as a Curio. For External Use Only. Keep away from children and pets. All Art of the Root products are handmade daily in the USA. 


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Customer Reviews

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Love their products

Beautiful items!

The intent I put into these products made my work days more optimistic and path opening. Created more opportunities for my present.

Lovina Fox

Healing Shea Soap Bar for Grief, Loss & Sadness


Although I do not care for the scent, I did feel wonderful after my shower, as if all my troubles had been washed away

Lashawn Williams

Healing Shea Soap Bar for Grief, Loss & Sadness