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Guardian Angel Oil

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Nothing beats the power of a personal guardian angel! Such beings are intended to serve as sources of protection, guidance, and encouragement as we walk our spiritual path. Without a doubt, they also provide much-needed comfort and consolation in times of crisis. Therefore, Guardian Angel Oil is a blend of natural herbs specially formulated to facilitate your efforts to commune with your own guardian angel(s). These special angels frequently convey important messages to you that you can often miss. Thus, opening spiritual communications channels is the main goal of this specialized Hoodoo Oil preparation. It comes in a ½ oz glass bottle.

What does Guardian Angel Oil do:

  • Help open channels of communication to feel the spirit of your guardian angel.
  • Bring guidance, comfort, hope, protection, and encouragement.
  • Become a medium of your Guardian Angel's energy force.
  • Remove negativity and bring cleansing energy into a space. 


What are the ingredients in Guardian Angel Oil:

The primary Guardian Angel Oil ingredients are frankincense, rose, vanilla, dandelion root, mugwort, and angelica root. This superb lineup lets you become an effective medium of your guardian angel's energy force.


How to use Guardian Angel Oil:

The most popular way to use Guardian Angel Oil is to, of course, dab some on the body. However, you may also put some on your altar, add a bit to the bath, dab some on a personal journal or anoint some on a cotton ball and stick it in your purse. If you are attempting to open the channels of communication with your Guardian Angel(s), I suggest attempting to do a little automatic writing. The process is easy. Simply get a piece of paper and a pen, anoint both with a bit of Guardian Angel Oil and start writing without editing yourself. Just allow your thoughts to flow onto the page. The goal is to let your unconscious do all the work. This often serves as a great way to tune into your higher self and spiritual beings.


Sold as a Curio. For external use only. All Art of the Root products are handmade daily in the USA.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Bridget McCann

Loved 🥰

Beverly Robinson
Smell good

I love the smell of the oil,


My favorite store to buy from for sure. Always the best smelling and effective oils, candles, etc. They have blogs/education on their site. Very helpful customer service. Will be purchasing from this company many times in the future. Thank you.

Khadijah Watley
Smells amazing!!

A lil goes a long way!! Can’t wait to try the other scents

Ashley Dedmon
My go-to for conjure and ritual oils!

I have been ordering from art of the root now for 3 years and have never been disappointed in anything I've brought into my home. The Magick inside each bottle is out of this world. My craft has grown exponentially! Sometimes, I don't know that I was particularly prepared for the results being so intense when I use these oils, but I've grown to become DELIGHTED with just got well these work. I've tried over 20 different bottles at this point I think now & theyve certainly earned a customer for life and after ;)