Green Aventurine Mala Beads - Art Of The Root
Green Aventurine Mala Beads - Art Of The Root

Green Aventurine Mala Beads

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Enhance your spiritual journey with our exquisite Green Aventurine Mala Beads. Each of the 108 mala beads is made from Green Aventurine.  Also known as the “Stone of Opportunity”, Green Aventurine is revered for its metaphysical properties which include the ability to promote growth, prosperity, healing and harmony.  These Green Aventurine beads will encourage you to persevere until you find yourself in a position of leadership.   

Each bead works with the other to promote the powerful energies of Green Aventurine. As you run your fingers along the smooth surface of these beads, you'll feel a sense of calm and balance wash over you. Guide yourself towards a path of abundance and fulfillment by wearing and or meditating with our beautiful Green Aventurine Mala Beads. 

The stunning green color of these Green Aventurine beads is believed to stimulate the heart chakra. Further, this stone encourages balance for your heart chakra by fostering feelings of compassion, empathy, and emotional healing. Whether you meditate with the beads or wear the beads as a bracelet or a necklace, these Green Aventurine Mala Beads invite positivity and prosperity into your life, while releasing negative patterns and blocks that may be holding you back. 

In ritual or spell work, Green Aventurine can amplify intentions which in turn works to manifest your desires. These mala beads are a potent tool for channeling intentions and aligning your spirit with the abundance of the universe. Whether you're seeking abundance in finances, love, or personal growth, allow the power of the crystals to help you find your way.

In order to properly incorporate Green Aventurine Mala Beads into your ritual or spell work, begin by cleansing them with sage smoke or moon water.  This will help to clear and cleanse the energies of the beads. Don’t have time for making moon water or getting sage? A simple wash in cool water with a gentle soap will work.  After cleansing, set your intentions in the beads by holding the mala beads in your hands and visualizing your goals.  Recite affirmations or prayers while gently moving your fingers along each bead.  Allow the soothing energy of Green Aventurine to infuse your intentions with vitality and purpose. 

Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or new to the world of crystal healing, our Green Aventurine Mala Beads make a beautiful addition to your spiritual toolkit. Let your spirit embrace the transformative power of Green Aventurine and work toward unlocking an abundant world of prosperity, and spiritual growth. 

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Loves These Mala Beads

Really relaxing to wear the beads throughout the day.