Fire Elemental Oil for Power, Passion, Courage & Purification

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Our Fire Elemental Oil is the ideal blend to use when seeking courage, success, passion, transformation, purification and energy. It is a fantastic to utilize in spells or rituals that involve healing, purification, sexuality, dispelling bad habits, people or negativity or for those whose simply desire to empower themselves. Associated to the astrological signs of Leo, Aries and Sagittarius, the element of fire has the ability to transform any situation. Furthermore, Fire energy can be used in many types rituals that surround issues concerning justice, will power, strength, mastery and leadership. Fire energy is the only element that is both destructive and creative. It has both the power to banish and can bring forth new situations, ideas, relationships, and a new energy all around. Our Fire Elemental Oil helps harness the Element of Fire energy which motivates us to achieve our dreams and goals. Made only with herbs associated to the element of Fire such as Clove, Basil, Black Snakeroot, Coriander, and few others, Fire Elemental Oil comes in a ½ oz bottle.


Fire Elemental Oil can be worn, put in the bath, anointed on sacred objects or talismans, rubbed on bed furniture to “heat up” romance, used as a message oil to light one's passions or can be rubbed on items or objects that may negative energy associated to them. Rub a little on a vision board or on your altar to help increase your motivation, power and manifestation abilities. Mix some with a salt and leave in the center of the home to help banish unwanted negative energy. You can also make a body scrub out of the same ingredients to spiritually cleanse and purify the body. Add a bit of hyssop to this and you have a powerful uncrossing blend.


Fire Elemental Oil is a great blend to work with in candle divination particularly for spells that may include passion, control, justice, transformation or purification. Red and Orange or the most frequently used colors for Fire Energy. However, black is another popular color to use particularly when trying to remove or banish unwanted people, habits, or negative energy in general.


Sold as a Curio. For external use only.