Fame & Fortune Oil for Power, Notoriety, Beauty, Success, Wealth and Luck

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At last! We are putting our Fame & Fortune Oil up on the shelves! Our Fame & Fortune Oil is an Art of the Root original oil that is based on herbs and oils that have been historically associated with luck, success, money, good fortune, beauty and fame. Now we can’t guarantee this oil will get you on the cover of People magazine, it may however, help you stand out against the rest! I always encourage those who are pursuing creative endeavors to give this oil a try. It’s also an ideal oil to use when seeking a little notoriety! So if you want to be the queen or king of the ball, give this one a whirl. It’s also great for anyone wishing to get ahead in their careers. If you’re a woman, mix this with a bit of Jezebel Oil and hopefully it can help you break through any glass ceiling! Our Fame & Fortune Oil can also be used during job interviews, first dates, auditions and public speaking events! Use it alone or mix it with your favorite conjure oils! FYI, it smells great too as it include bay and frangipani. We also include Clove, Ginger, a yellow split pea, deer’s tongue and a few other potent herbs and oils. Our Fame & Fortune Oil comes in a ½ oz bottle.

Our Fame & Fortune Oil can be worn on the body, dabbed into the bath, anointed on jewelry and talismans, dabbed on applications, important documents, or it can simply be dabbed on a vision board. Rub a bit on your hands and gently smooth over your hair. Mix a bit in your favorite shampoo or body lotion! Anoint on your favorite gold picture frame and put a picture of yourself in it!  If you wish to petition a deity, Pheme and Fortuna are perfect for this! Venus/ Aphrodite would also be wonderful.

For candle divination, you will need to get a yellow or gold candle, some dried bay leaves and a charcoal disc. Carve your desires and or goals into the candle with a toothpick.  Anoint the candle with some Fame & Fortune Oil, drawing the oil up the candle towards the wick. Take the bay leaves and grind them up. Feel free to use your fingers to do this! Light your charcoal and wait until it’s ready. Then light your candle and read Psalm 23. Visualize achieving your goals. Take your crushed bay leaves and put a bit over your charcoal. From each direction (N,S,E,W) you are going to blow a bit of the smoke from the burning bay leaf towards the candle. I like to begin from the north and work my way around in a clockwise direction. You may do this up to three times. So ,first would I would stand in the north, than move to the west, down to the south and finally to the east. Feel free to ask the directions to help you achieve your goals.

Our Fame & Fortune Oil is sold as a curio. We always recommend a skin test prior to wearing. For external use only. Not for children.