Cleopatra Oil for Sex, Love Drawing or to Bring Back a Lover

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Our Cleopatra Oil is perfect for those of you wishing to ignite your love life and add an extra bit of spice to it! Made with Sandalwood, Lotus, Orange, Frankincense, Calamus, Balm of Gilead and a touch of musk, it has all the right ingredients to arouse the senses and draw the opposite sex towards you. In good old fashioned Hoodoo, a good Cleopatra blend can create a deeper bond between two people and has even been known to bring back a drifting lover. Named after the great seductress, our Cleopatra Oil will make you simply irresistible. It comes in a 1/2 oz bottle.


Cleopatra Oil can be used in a multitude of ways. For candle divination, it works quite well with pink or red candles. You can choose to work with a 7 day glass encased candle as well. Simply engrave your love desire such as a specific name or a specific outcome onto the candle by using a needle or toothpick. Then take some Cleopatra oil and anoint the candle as you grasp the top of it and pull the oil towards you. Another technique is simply writing your your petition on either parchment paper or a piece of brown paper bag. Fold it in half making sure you fold it towards you. Turn it 90 degrees and fold it again. Then, place it beneath a 7-day candle or under a plate that your pillar candle and it's appropriate candle holder can rest on.  If you do decide to use a seven-day candle, you must first make four holes into its top and pour a few drops of Cleopatra oil into each of the holes. Do not overdo it. Too much oil can affect the way the candle will burn. Chopsticks tend to be the perfect tool for this. Small screw drives work equally well. Next, put the candle on top of your petition while allowing its flame to completely burn out on its own. Whichever method you use, it helps to recite Psalm 23 during this ritual. That Biblical passage has been the traditional recitation for conjuring/romance rituals. Song of Solomon is another great reading for love spells.


Cleopatra oil has many other practical applications. Anoint some on your man's unwashed underwear or socks and then bury the item(s) in the yard. A lot of people may simply anoint any of their man's personal possessions while verbalizing their intentions aloud. Sprinkle a little bit in your bath water while visualizing you and your beloved in a beautiful committed relationship. Of course, you can simply wear the oil or place a few drops on your sheets. Just be aware that Cleopatra oil is will stain. Another great method is to get a bowl and fill it with roses, oranges and cinnamon. Pour some Cleopatra Oil in and place it under your bed. For a simply reconciliation technique, get a picture of your ex and anoint a little Cleopatra oil on it. Then pin it (with the face pointing towards the area where you sleep) behind your top mattress or headboard.


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