Blockbuster Oil for Obstacles and Blocks

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Perhaps one of our most popular hoodoo blends is our Blockbuster oil. It is the perfect product to use when one is in need of clearing away obstacles. Our Blockbuster Oil is ideal for creating new opportunities and opening new channels so you can move forward with your life. If you feel as though you simply can't make any progress, you have been down on your luck, your hearing no way more than you are hearing yes, or your current situation is leaving you feeling frustrated or discouraged, Blockbuster oil can help rid yourself of those nasty blocks and help open new doors by clearing away any stumbling blocks that may be prohibiting you from achieving your goals.. Whether it's love you desire, a new job or even a new life path, our Blockbuster Oil can help you achieve success and prosperity by simply making room for a new path. This particular blend includes a vast amount of herbs, oils and resins such as five finger grass, pine, cinnamon, bay, basil, vetiver, lemon balm and others. Our Blockbuster Wash comes in a 1/2 oz bottle.

There are countless ways to use Blockbuster oil. Put some oil on a dime, and then you put it in your pocket. Anoint some on the body, in the bath, or use some to rub down your front door with. Anoint some oil on a railroad spike and hang at the back of your door. Anoint some  rusty nails and bury them at the four corners of your property. Place a bit of oil in a bowl of water, peppermint and kosher salt and leave it in the center of your home or right by your front door. Anoint some on any important documents such as job or loan applications. Place some in the heal of your shoe when your out and about. 

One of my favorite rituals to perform for unblocking magic is a simply candle spell. I typically work with two jumbo candles, one black and one yellow or gold. For this particular spell, you may choose to work with another oil that is known to draw in abundance, prosperity or success. I like Crown of Success, Van Van and Road Opener. To begin, to the black candle and carve all the things you wish to unblock such as a relationship, employment, bad luck, stagnation...etc. To carve into a candle I like working with a needle, but an iron nail or even the tip of a pen both suffice. On top of all the things you wish to unblock carve your name directly on top of it. Anoint the candle with Blockbuster oil beginning at the middle of the candle and pushing the oil down to its base. This would be the time to visualize! Next, take a piece of brown paper bag or parchment paper and right down the things you would like to see prosper such as your love life, money, your business, your social life, etc. Fold this paper in half making sure you are making the fold towards you. Turn it 90 degrees and fold it towards you again. Take your gold or yellow candle and carve your name in it three times. Anoint the candle with a prosperity oil, pulling the oil up the candle towards you and the wick. You can personally this as much as you want by placing items near the yellow candle that reflect what you what such as flowers, money, a blank check, job applications, etc. I like to work with Tarot cards for this particular ritual. Near the black candle I like to work with the six of swords....smooth sailing after a storm.... I also like to place the the Ten of Pentacles or Cups for the yellow candle. It really doesn't matter which card you choose so long as it acts as a symbol for what you desire. Set your candles side by side making sure they are in appropriate candle holders!!!! Under the yellow candle, place your folded petition. Now, light the black candle first and visualize all the blocks falling away. Read Psalm 23. Wait 15 to 20 minutes before lighting the yellow candle. The purpose of this particular rituals is to get rid of the blocks and draw in abundance. It's really like two rituals in one and it can be a pretty powerful one. When you light the yellow candle, visualize and say thank you, one by one, to all the new things coming into your life.


Sold as a Curio. For external use only. Please don't ever leave a burning candle unattended!