Bend Over Oil for Hoodoo, Voodoo & Pagan Rituals and Spell Work

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Bend Over Oil is another traditional Hoodoo oil that helps you establish a firm hand over others. It can be used for a variety of purposes, such as getting others to do your bidding, influencing people or institutions to work in your favor and it can certainly help you establish control over another person. It can also help you squash unwanted behavior in other people. However, I would be very cautious as to how you use this particular blend. Having someone bend over to your own will is one thing, but causing someone else harm in the process opens up a whole new can of worms. Made from Master Root, Devil's Shoestring, Frankincense, Calamus, Licorice and a few other compelling herbs, oils and resins, Bend Over Oil helps you take control of any situation.

There are a number of ways you can incorporate Bend Over Oil in a spell or ritual. The most obvious is to simply get a bit of oil in contact with you person you wish to dominate. Put it on their clothing or on any item they will be in contact with. I always believe your intentions must be very clear while you are doing this. You may want to say out loud how exactly you want your target to behave. You should also visualize. If you wish to approach your target in a more subtle way, mix some oil in a small jar of honey or maple syrup. Add a bit of cinnamon and brown sugar. Write exactly what you want on a brown piece of paper. Then, write your target's name with your name written on top of it. Do this three times and fold the paper towards you three times  Stick it in the honey jar. If you can get your hands on a bit of fabric, hair or other personal concerns of your intended target, you can put that in the jar as well. Get a small purple candle and place it on top of the jar and visualize. Just make sure the honey jar has a metal lid and please keep an eye on the candle while it's burning!

You can also work some candle divination by using a purple or brown candle. Write exactly what you want on a piece of brown paper bag and include your target's with your own name written over top. Anoint the candle with some oil. Now here's the ticket. Get a white, purple or brown string and tie it around the candle and tie a knot. When you are ready, place the candle over your petition (make sure it's in a candle holder), light the candle and state your intention and visualize. Remember to be very clear.

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