Attraction Powder for Manifestation and Conjure Work

Attraction Powder for Manifestation and Conjure Work

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Our Attraction Powder is the perfect blend to help attract the things that you desire. It's the perfect recipe for any type of manifesting work. Whether you want a new job, a new relationship or even a new home, our Attraction Powder includes all the herbs, resins and oils that are known to help draw things into your life. In fact, it can even draw in new opportunities and help eradicate those nasty challenges that are getting in your way. Made with a base of corn starch and a touch of baking soda, our attraction Powder includes orange, five finger grass, bergamot and an array of other herbs and oils. It comes in a 2 x 3 plastic pouch.


Attraction Powder can be dressed on important documents, sprinkled on visions boards or on any image that symbolic represents what you desire. It could be gentle dusted on bed sheet, cash registers, or you can even wrap a bit in a gold color cloth and placed anywhere within the home or on the body. Feed some to a mojo bag or simply dust yourself with some before you leave the home. Place a bit in the heel of your shoe or sprinkle some by the entrance of your home in order to attract things into your life.


Please note that Attraction Powder is for external use only and is sold as a curio. A skin test is recommended prior to wearing.

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