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Welcome! All my products are handmade and come from traditional recipes and  traditional rituals. I do not merely mix up essential oils and call them "magic." Instead, I begin each oil with a mother jar of herbs that are covered with sweet almond oil. These are worked and fed continuously and they grow stronger and stronger every time I pull the oil out and pour it over a new batch of herbs. 

If you believe "creative visualization", "the law of attraction" or "manifesting your destiny" is anything new, you may be surprised to learn that people have been practicing this for centuries. Conjure/Spell work is a powerful and useful way to focus on your intentions. More importantly, the ritual behind it serves as means of "co-creating". In essence, you are giving the Universe permission to help your dreams and goals manifest. You are always your own best magician or conjurer. The more faith you have in your own work, the quicker things will manifest.

A little about me. I have been a professional intuitive reader since 1998. I also have my MA in Psychology and believe these two fields blend beautifully.

I also have a bit of an unusual background. Although I am culturally Jewish, I was greatly influenced by my childhood nanny who was from Southern Mississippi. She was born with the "veil" or caul which enabled her to see her spirits and ancestors. Throughout my childhood, I was taught that our ancestors served as guides and that there were numerous spirits, saints or deities that were here to help us on our paths. Greatly influenced by the Southern Root Doctors, she had a number of remedies and cures for all of life's little up and downs. Of course, she would also recite the psalms when I was sick or troubled.

My father was also a serious African Art collector. I grew up with religious statues and icons throughout my house and we frequently had visitors from the Congo and Nigeria. As a result, I was introduce to a number of African religions. My favorite was and continues to be the Yoruba. Of course, African art can't really be separated from religion. It is one and the same.

My ancestors come from Poland and have a long history of having  the "Apteka", which translates to the English word "pharmacy". My great grandfather was was a holy man who dressed the dead before they were buried. He also serviced his community through his Apteka. 

Although I appreciate all the various approaches to magic, conjure or alchemy, I really appreciate Hoodoo. Of course, this comes directly from my nanny. More importantly, Hoodoo is not a religion, rather it adheres to a set of beliefs and rituals that come from various influences such as the African religions (Fon, Ewe, Yoruba) the European Grimoires, the Native Americans and the Hebrew Kabbalah. There is also much to be said about the Saints. I tend to work with them quite a bit.

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