High John The Conqueror Soy Candle for Luck, Love & Money

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When it comes to folk magic, nothing is more powerful than High John the Conqueror. Our High John the Conqueror Soy Candle can be used for money drawing, good luck, power, success, passion, sexual arousal, love, games of chance, prosperity, legal matters, new opportunities, strength, and overcoming obstacles. More importantly, we have added real powdered High John Root to each candle to ensure you get the benefits of its magic. The candle is made from all-natural soy wax and comes in an 8 oz. glass jar.

What does our High John the Conqueror Soy Candle do:

  • Draw money, love, luck, prosperity, and success.
  • Enhance your winnings in games of chance.
  • Aid in a positive outcome for legal matters, business endeavors, and ambitions.
  • Stimulate passion in the bedroom with your romantic partner.
  • Focus your intentions to add power to your manifestations and intentions.


What are the ingredients in our High John the Conqueror Soy Candle:

It is made with High John Root, cedar, pine, and sandalwood.


How to use our High John the Conqueror Soy Candle:

To perform a High John the Conqueror spell or ritual, write down your petition on a piece of parchment paper or brown paper bag. Then fold the paper in half, folding the paper towards you with the crease away. Then, turn it 90 degrees and fold it in half again. Make sure it is well folded and get it as flat as you can. Then place your High John Candle on a plate. Place the plate directly over your petition. When ready, light your candle and say a prayer or you could read Psalm 23.



Sold as a curio.  All Art of the Root products are handmade daily in the USA.

Warning: To prevent fire and serious injury, always burn candle within sight. Keep away from drafts and keep away from pets and children. Never burn candle near anything that can catch fire.

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antwanette mance
smells good

the soap smells great

Good Transaction

Smells great and packaged well and shipped quickly. Still waiting to see results.

Nick Raigoza
Continued Purchase!

I love ordering this candle. It smells so good, shipping is fast, and in great quality! Thank you so much Art of the Root!!

Anita Sims

High John The Conqueror Soy Candle for Luck, Love & Money

Randi Cash
Conquering with the power of Love

This is fast acting. Gain control quickly allowing for clarity of thought and help projects complete successfully.