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Our Uncrossing Bath Salts are based on an older conjure recipe to remove negative influences affecting the lives of you and those you care about. They can remove crossed conditions, negative energy, and curses. They take negative energy and harmful intents and return them to the sender. They form a protective shield to prevent future harm. Use them to reverse harmful spells, hexes, jinxes and rid you of malevolent spirits or energies. They have also been known to divert the evil eye. Our Uncrossing Bath Salts come in a 6 oz. sealed bag.


What do our Uncrossing Bath Salts do:

  • Banish negativity in your life to bring renewed energy and clarity.
  • Remove hexes, curses, jinxes and divert the evil eye.
  • Provide a protective barrier to prevent you and your loved ones from harm.
  • Send any negative or harmful intentions right back to the sender.


What are the ingredients in Uncrossing Bath Salts:

Uncrossing Bath Salts are made from a touch of Kosher salt and Dead Sea salt. We blend in peppermint, hyssop, myrrh, and a number of other protective and uncrossing herbs and essential oils.


How to use Uncrossing Bath Salts:

Salt is known as a powerful cleansing agent and certainly dispels any unwanted negativity. The beauty of baths salts is their multi-functional use. They can be used as a lovely bath soak or can be used in an uncrossing bath ritual. You may simply mix some bath salts with a bucket of warm water and wash down your home or workplace. Put some in a bowl of water and place it under your bed or in the center of your home. Sprinkle a little in every corner of your home.


How to use Uncrossing Bath Salts in a Spell or Ritual:

For a powerful spell reversal bath, take two small black votive candles and place them at each end of the tub. Take a bucket of warm water and mix in approximately 1/4 cup of Uncrossing Bath Salts. Begin pouring this over your head working your way down to your feet. Recite Psalm 21 or Psalm 23. Once you complete the ritual, get rid of the black candles by leaving them at a crossroads.


Sold as a Curio. For external use only. All Art of the Root products are handmade daily in the USA.

Customer Reviews

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Trista Brooke
Doesn’t ever disappoint!

I was lead to do an uncrossing to purge out some remaining energy lingering around that I didn’t want. I did my own uncrossing ritual and did the bath after. I felt so refreshed! I always buy Art of the Root because they put herbs in all of their products and a lot of their oils feel heavenly.


Amazing. Wish there was more inside the bag but love it.

barbara jarczyk
art of the root

art of the root

Albertine McCord
Uncrossing bath Salt

I love the way it smells and it really do work

Return to Sender works great!!

So my twinflame has been Spelled Very Very badly by his karmic three years ago. She's a Homewrecker and she not only stole him away from me but also our kids. With this bath, I am able to reverse her bad intentions back on her and off of us. It has helped me gain peace of mind. Even tho she still has him, at least me and the kids aren't affected by her magick at all anymore. He does blame me and is completely different than he ever was with me but with these I am able to move forward unlike them where her spells keep him living in the past and stay angry. Now I hear she's controlling his every move in his life and he used to do the same to me. These will make your enemies gain their karma for causing harm to you!