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Dragon's Blood Oil is one of the more powerful conjure oils and is known to be very effective for protection, love, power, and cleansing. According to folklore, it even has the power to enable shapeshifting. It can be virtually used for anything, including as a magickal ink for writing out petitions. It gets its color from the deep red Dragon's Blood resin itself. We add no dyes whatsoever. It comes in a ½ oz. glass bottle.

What does Dragon's Blood Oil do:

  • Banish negative energy and people.
  • Afford protection to you and your environment.
  • Draw in new love interest and strengthen current relationship.
  • Purify the aura and physical space.
  • Enhance the power of spells and rituals by increasing focus and intent.


What are the ingredients in Dragon's Blood Oil:

Although it comes from various sources, Dragon's Blood is most commonly derived from the Dracaena Draco palm tree found in Sumatra and the surrounding Malayan Islands. Historically it was used in funerary rites and served as a powerful embalming agent.  Our Dragon's Blood Oil includes real Dragon's Blood resin and Dragon's Blood Oil.


How to use Dragon's Blood Oil:

There are countless ways you can utilize Dragon's Blood Oil. It can be dabbed on amulets and talismans or anointed on important papers or documents. Place a few drops in every corner of your home for protection and to banish negative energy. Add to any ritual to increase its efficacy. Anoint on ritual tools and/or your altar for an added boost of power.


How to Use Dragon's Blood Oil in a Spell or Ritual:

When performing a candle ritual anoint on purple candles for power, black to banish negative energy or people, white to draw in new energy, or red for love and sexuality. If you add some magnetic sand, iron fillings, or a simple lodestone into the oil it will create a powerful drawing oil. It can also be added to mojo or gris gris bags to increase their power. It may also be used as a representation of blood.

For a powerful purification oil, mix some Dragon's Blood Oil, a teaspoon of salt or sea salt with a bit of rosemary and peppermint. Add this to 1 oz of Olive Oil.  Blend some with some ground cinnamon and coriander to make a powerful love oil. Use this to Drop a bit over a charcoal disc and use it as a smudge for your home or objects. If you add a bit of camphor, you will have an excellent exorcism smudge.




Sold as a Curio. This product is intended to be used for spiritual purposes. This product is not a cosmetic. For external use only. All Art of the Root products are handmade daily in the USA.


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Haven’t had a chance to use the product yet. I love all your oils, but it smells wonderful.

Dragon's Blood.

This is my second bottle of Dragon's Blood. I have purchased many different oils and candles from Art of the Root. I love the products.


As soon as I used the Dragon’s Blood, I felt my power ignite! I can feel that it works.

Christina Henry
Dragons blood

I love the color everything I've purchased from art of the root is just Devine I haven't tried this yet or smelt but the color is nice, if I remember I will update after I work with the product but I can get you I will be satisfied

Brianna Singleton
Love it

It smells so good