Strawberry Kisses Oil for True Love, Romance, Relationships & Confidence

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Feel the sweet, sunkissed wave of joy of your first love with Strawberry Kisses Conjure Oil. It is perfect for making relationships feel new and sweet again and for recreating the feeling of your first true love. Whether your relationship needs a breath of new life, you're looking for a new love or you are feeling bored or melancholy in your own life, this is the perfect solution. It's wonderful for rekindling friendships, mending fences with current friends or taking friendships to a new level. For those times when you may be feeling a little down or depressed, Strawberry Kisses can help remind you how beautiful and amazing you are and urge you to take the time to care for yourself and remember how sweet life really is. Yes, this oil does smell like strawberries! It comes in a ½ oz glass bottle.

What does Strawberry Kisses Oil do:

  • Breathe a breath of life and fresh air into a relationship, friendship, or your own life.
  • Help mend relationships or friendships that have grown apart or had a falling out.
  • Stimulate giddy feelings of bliss and new love.
  • Strengthen a friendship or romantic relationship.
  • Instill confidence and inspire you to spend quality time with yourself and to realize how special you are.


What are the ingredients in Strawberry Kisses Oil:

Not only have we included strawberry seed oil, we've also added violets, pansies, peach blossoms, cherry bark, and many other delightful herbs, oils, and resins.


How to use Strawbery Kisses Oil in a Spell or Ritual:

To perform a Strawberry Kisses Ritual, take a white candle and carve your name and either your love interest’s name or the name of someone with whom you are in a relationship where your relationship needs to be purified or any past baggage is causing issues. Next, put some Strawberry Kisses Oil on your fingers and draw your fingers up from the bottom of the candle to the wick. Then, take a 12-inch piece of pink string and wrap it once around the candle and tie a knot.  As you are wrapping the string, recite: “Purity of Heart.” Wrap it and tie a knot a second time and recite: “Purity of Mind.” Wrap and knot it a third time and recite: “In each other we only see divine.” Make sure the string is wrapped tightly around the candle so as not to create a fire hazard. Any leftover string may also be trimmed off. Then, put your candle in a candle holder and place the candle holder on a fire-safe plate. Next, Arrange strawberries and honey around your candle on the plate. Light your candle, visualizing exactly what you want your ritual to bring. As your candle is burning, recite the following Love Charm: 

“It is not love knowledge to thee

To draw water through a reed,

But the love of him (her) thou choosest,

With his (her) warmth draw to thee.”

Either let the candle burn all the way out or when you are ready, put it out with a candle snuffer or smother it. Do not blow it out, as you do not want your intentions to blow away. Finally, gently gather your candle, strawberries, and honey and leave them at your favorite park or natural area.




Sold as a curio. Keep away from pets and children. For external use only. All Art of the Root products are handmade daily in the USA. 


Customer Reviews

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Works well great vibe and smells amazing! Would get again for sure. Wonderful company.

Absolutely wonderful

The smell is so lovely! It’s like a fresh watermelon/orange/strawberry. I’ve noticed the people around me get along with me better and everyone is so kind to me! And I’m surrounded by very catty people lol. PLEASE make a bigger bottle! I just know this will be my absolute favorite.

One of my favorites.

It does not only affect the mood of others but most importantly it makes you feel in a strawberry cloud with pink glasses. I just wish they had this in a way bigger bottle as I just love wearing it and could wear it every single day. I hope they make a bigger one because is just delicious 🍓🍓🍓🍓 I lost count of how many bottles I have purchased. One for the arsenal.

Great, but too strong

So I love the oil, it's such a pleasant smell especially for summer time. Now the Strawberry scent is not as prominent as I would like honestly. If you put too much on, the smell becomes too pungent and will give me an instant mini headache. So, the next time I applied it I used less. Still a bit overpowering even then. Lol I'll still probably buy more when it runs out. Oh I like to put the oil on my wrists and other pulse points or I mix the oil with some other non-scented lotion. Honestly, I hope you make a lotion for it🖤


I am so in love with ALL of my products that I have purchased…..Strawberry Kisses smell wonderful and it works too!!!