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House Blessing Incense for Good Fortune & Protection

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House Blessing Incense is perfect for bringing warm and welcome blessings into your home. It's the ideal blend for shifting the energy in your home and for bringing positive, cleansing energy into a new home, apartment, or office. Use it in times of domestic turmoil or discord. It has protective qualities while at the same time has the ability to neutralize any negative energy. It comes in a 1.25 oz. sealed bag.

What does House Blessing Incense do:

  • Shift the energy in a space and bring peace and good energy.
  • Protect a space against negativity, uninvited advances, and neutralize energy.
  • Bring good luck and prosperity to a home and aid in finding a new home.
  • Draw good energy into a space, such as a home, office, apartment, school, or building.

What are the ingredients in House Blessing Incense:

Made with sandalwood, black snake root, chickweed, lavender, juniper, jasmine, and rosemary,


PLEASE NOTE* House Blessing Incense is not self-igniting. It is meant to be burned over a charcoal disc.


How to use House Blessing Incense:

House Blessing Incense can be used in a variety of ways. Burn a little in every corner of your home to help draw in new energy. Burn some by your front door to welcome in new fresh energy while encouraging old energy to leave. Burn it in any location where you desire to draw in blessings. Burn some on your altar with a white candle. Place a little incense in a bowl of water with rose petals, marjoram, and fresh orange peel. Steep some in some hot water and use it as a floor wash. You can even use this blend as a spiritual bath by placing some in a stocking or muslin bag and putting it in your bath water while you bathe. Burn some and smudge anyone living in your residence. Burn some before falling asleep and use that time visualizing new blessings coming to you and your home.

How to Burn House Blessing Incense:

House Blessing Incense is meant to be burned on charcoal. It is not self-igniting. You will need charcoal discs and a fire-safe container to use, as the charcoal gets very hot! You light your charcoal, set it in the fire-safe container using tongs, and allow it to burn a few minutes until the top turns a greyish color. Only then will it be hot enough to burn your incense. When the charcoal is ready, sprinkle some of the incense on top of it, making sure not to add so much that it suffocates or smothers the charcoal. 




Sold as a Curio. For external use only. All Art of the Root products are handmade daily in the USA.





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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Betty Soriano
best root

I always get what i need and when i bought the loose incense i was not sure if i could use it with out burning the place down, but i did good i do have to say it gets very smokey lk.... but i like everything

C Brown
Good stuff

Good stuff I wish it was sold in bigger size

Karen Grubb
Powdered incense

I received my house Blessings, powdered incense. I really like the smell even though I’ve never used powdered incense before.

wendy wehner
Love it

I love the smell of it

Tina Smith
Great product!

I am really enjoying the powdered incense. The scent lasts a long time and is very pleasant.