Clarity & Creativity Incense

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Clarity & Creativity Incense was formulated to restore mental lucidity and to open avenues to creativity. It is perfect to jump-start productive creative and mental pursuits and to inspire creativity, clarity, purification, and inspiration. It helps purge negative energy, emotions, and thoughts, as well as everyday mental baggage, It provides a gateway into your creative and intuitive inner realms.  It comes in a 1.25 oz. sealed bag.

What does Clarity & Creativity Incense do:

  • Create an environment in which inspiration and ideas come more easily.
  • Stimulate creativity and open pathways to deeper mental realms.
  • Remove blocks, stagnant energy/ideas, and everyday mental baggage to create a clear mind.
  • Promote unobstructed and objective views and thoughts.


What are the ingredients in Clarity & Creativity Incense: 

We blend honeysuckle, basil, copal, sandalwood, and althea, along with other clarifying herbs, resins, and oils.

How to use Clarity & Creativity Incense: 

If your objective is conquering a creativity block or igniting your creative flames, I would suggest burning some Clarity & Creativity Incense while in the bath.  Believe it or not, water has a long-standing reputation for facilitating creativity and intuition. You may also use Clarity & Creativity Incense for all types of divination rituals that are known to enhance creativity, clarity, purification, and/or inspiration. Burn while you brainstorm, write creative notes, journal, create a vision board, and burn some right before you go to bed.


How to burn Clarity & Creativity Incense:

Clarity & Creativity Incense is meant to be burned on charcoal. It is not self-igniting. You will need charcoal discs and a fire-safe container to use, as the charcoal gets very hot! You light your charcoal, set it in the fire-safe container using tongs, and allow it to burn a few minutes until the top turns a greyish color. Only then will it be hot enough to burn your incense. When the charcoal is ready, sprinkle some of the incense on top of it, making sure not to add so much that it suffocates or smothers the charcoal.  




Sold as a Curio. This product is intended to be used for spiritual purposes. This product is not a cosmetic. For external use only. All Art of the Root products are handmade daily in the USA.