Dragon's Blood Shea Soap Bar for Purification, Love, Protection & Power

Brand: Art of the Root, Ltd.

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Our Dragon's Blood Shea Soap is a highly effective way to enjoy the powerful aspects of Dragon's Blood Resin. Dragon's Blood has an array of magickal properties and is one of the more popular ingredients used in rituals. It's revered for its ability to promote love between two people, purify the environment, protect one from negative influences and add power to any type of spell work. Historically, Dragon's Blood was used in funerary rites and burned as a means to clear out negative energy. Modern practitioners often add it to their blends to increase their power and efficacy. Of course our Dragon's Blood Shea Butter Soap includes real Dragon's Blood Resin. As a bath it can be used as a means to increase one's own sense of power and protect one from unwanted energies or influences. It's also great to use prior to working any type of love ritual. We often recommend taking a Dragon's Blood Bath before meeting a romantic interest or attending a social function. Our Dragon's Blood Soap comes in a 4 oz bar.

For external use only. Keep away from children & pets.