Crown of Success Bath Salts 6 oz for Hoodoo, Voodoo, Conjure, Wicca & Pagan Rituals

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Crown of Success Bath Salts are another great traditional Hoodoo  product. The main purpose for which it was created is facilitating your overall success in life and helping you accomplish goals. Therefore, it is the ideal for endeavors such as apartment hunting, preparing for a job interview, job hunting, or merely attaining some long-coveted objective. This blend is quite strong and effectively helps you eliminate many barriers and build bridges to success. A number of major life events and circumstances provide great opportunities for its use. Just a few examples are receiving well-deserved recognition for your efforts, creating a competitive occupational edge, bolstering business success, or landing that long-overdue job promotion. Crown of Success Bath Salts are even effective in legal and love matters.

Crown of Success Bath Salts are created from a little bit of kosher salt and Dead Sea salt. Kosher salt is a popular hoodoo ingredient for cleansing. It helps get rid of negativity and obstacles that can stop you from obtaining your goals.

There are a number of ways you can use Crown of Success bath Salts. You can simply use them in a regular bath as a means to obtain success in all areas of your life. Or, you can also use these salts in a spiritual bath. All that you need to do is mix the Crown of Success bath salts into a bucket of warm water. Start to pour it on yourself beginning at your feet and working upwards towards your head. It is best to do this at sunrise. While you are doing this, you can think about your desires and goals coming towards you. You may also want to read Psalms 23 or 118. After you are finished, you can get rid of the water in your backyard by taking it to a crossroads. While you are performing a spiritual bath you may want place two small gold, yellow or white candles at each side of a bathtub. Just make sure you put each candle on side of the bath when you step into the tub. It is also recommended that you air dry.

You can also use Crown of Success Bath Salts to wash your hands before handling money, important papers or when working on resumes. You can even mix it in some water and use it as a floor wash. There are no limits with this powerful product.


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