Manifestation Soy Affirmation Candle for Goals, Dreams, Wishes, Intentions & the Law of Attraction

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Our Manifestation Soy Affirmation Candle was designed to help you turn your dreams, aspirations, and goals into reality. For fans of the Law of Attraction, a manifestation ritual is the perfect tool to help you focus on your objectives. It’s a great resource to help guide your thoughts and ideas into a solid vision.  This exclusive blend is loaded with herbs that are known to speed up the fruition of your intentions. It is made with all-natural soy wax and comes in an 8 oz glass jar.

What does our Manifestation Soy Affirmation Candle do:

  • Help make dreams, goals, aspirations, desires become a reality. 
  • Enhance focus on your goals and objectives.
  • Strengthen the ability to express thoughts/ideas, leading to a clear vision.
  • Expedite the fulfillment of manifestations by helping to remove blocks and doubts.

What are the ingredients in our Manifestation Soy Affirmation Candle:

Our Manifestation Soy Affirmation Candle includes an array of herbs and oils such as ginger, cinnamon, orange, and vanilla. 


How to use our Manifestation Soy Affirmation Candle:

Before starting any type of manifestation work, we always suggest doing a cleansing ritual. This does not need to be complicated. One simple technique is to simmer basil in water. Let the water cool. Then add 1 cup the basil water and 2 tablespoons of kosher sea salt to a bath. Step into the bath and visualize any blocks or obstacles washing away. Make sure to air dry after your bath. Now, you can move on to the manifestation work. Go to a quiet place in your home where you won’t have any interruptions. Think about the things you want to achieve. Feel free to write them down or simply find some images that represent the things that you want. Take your candle, set it on a plate, and place the plate directly over your written petition and/or the images. Then, light your candle. While lighting your candle state your affirmation out loud. Take a moment to visualize or meditate and then relax into the feelings.  


Sold as a curio.  All Art of the Root products are handmade daily in the USA.

Warning: To prevent fire and serious injury, always burn candle within sight. Keep away from drafts, pets, and children. Never burn candle near anything that can catch fire.

Customer Reviews

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Zynthia McCrite
Smells nice, have not lit it yet.

The package was left in my mailbox on a hot day, so unfortunately the contents melted and leaked onto the front, making a mess and damaging the main label. No fault of the seller, just crummy circumstances. Smells great.

Alice McMeans-Solomon
Manifestation affirmation candle

Great love to meditate with it burning

Jessica Skilar
I love these candles

I’ve ordered these a couple times now and not only do they smell amazing and create a super environment, when I order them I have a specific intention in mind and i swear to you- the things I’m drawing in have come to me.

A mild reminder to manifest

This light, mild but fragrant scent of Manifestation is a gentle reminder to embody the spirit of manifesting.

Farah Belanger
Lovely Candles

I purchased some candles and have so far burned the Self Love and Manifestation candles. The scent and burn is wonderful! My husband loves them too! Thank you! I’ll be purchasing these from here on ❤️