A Full Moon Love Binding Spell for Commitment, Fidelity & Enduring Relationships

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Timing can be a key element in any type of magical spell work and working with the phases of the moon can often prove to be extremely fruitful, particularly when it comes to love drawing rituals. There is no question that moon magic serves a vital function in manifesting one’s intentions. In matters relating to love, there are three phases that can amplify the energy of a love spell: a new moon, a waxing moon and a full moon.

Generally, new moons lend themselves to all things that relate to new beginnings. This would be the ideal time to perform any type of spell that involves drawing in a new love interest or rekindling a relationship from the past. As the moon grows into the waxing phase, the emphasis is on growing things you have already begun. This is a great time to work on rituals that focus on deepening commitments and open up new levels of communication. The full moon is when the energy of moon reaches it peak, thus, is the most powerful. Although this phase of the moon can most always be effective for any type of love workings, I always suggest this phase when attempting to perform binding spells between two people.

Now to perform a full moon love binding spell we need to begin with the two most fundamental elements; a representation of you and a representation of your love interest. For this particular spell, you need to create two wax poppets. To create these, you will need to melt down a red or pink candle and form two figure molds from the wax. As a practioner, I would add a number of herbs, oils or even personal concerns to the wax, but this isn’t necessary. You can simply take two small pieces of brown paper bag with your names written on it and work it into your molds (your name would go into your representation and your love interest would be molded into the other one). You will also need to get a single red candle that is anointed with a bit of your favorite conjure oil. If you do not happen to have any conjure oil on you, simply mix some cinnamon, cloves and coriander in a bit of olive oil.  Finally, you will need a long piece of red or blue piece of thread.

To prepare for the ritual, take your two wax poppets and place the red candle between them. Take your string and gently wrap the two figures to the candle. Make sure they are secure enough where they won’t fall from the candle. Tie a knot.  Now here is the important part. Make sure there is plenty of string left. You are going to need this to complete the spell.

To perform your binding spell, wait for the first day of the full moon. Next, on the first night of the full moon, light your candle and visualize your intentions. Then take your extra string and wrap it around the candle and poppets 1 time and say the following:

“I am bound to thee and thee to I. In love to be, I bind you to me.”

Allow the candle to burn a total of 20 minutes.

You will want to perform this for 3 consecutive nights. On the final night, let the candle burn all the way down. Finally, you do not discard any of the leftover wax. You are going to want to keep this until you no longer wish to be bound to this person. Keep it in a safe place.

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Leaves of Love, Old Hoodoo Love Spells

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If you ever get the opportunity to look through the Frank C Brown’s, “Collection of Northern Folklore”, there are countless remedies, superstitions and spells that have their roots in good old fashioned Hoodoo. There are also a number of entries that reflect Germanic traditions as well. There are countless tidbits from dream interpretations, remedies for countless disorders, the times of year to harvest, and good old fashioned superstitions. One of my favorites is that of the Heart shaped leaf and how it can be used as a love drawing charm.

There are countless types of heart shaped leaves. Just look around and you’ll be bound to find them. Or, you can simply stick with the leaves from a lime tree which is personally my favorite. Although I would argue it is not one of the more widely used ingredients in Hoodoo, it still has strong love associations. In fact, this belief largely comes from European folklore with records of its use for love dating back as far as medieval times. The lime tree was once associated to lovers, according to German folklore. In the medieval period, the lime tree was used as a symbol of love. In Pagan times, Lithuania women would perform rituals under its branches in order to increase their fertility and serenity. In Poland, Mother Mary is associated to the Lime tree and it’s a common belief that if you pray to her under the tree your prayers are more likely to be answered.

So, don’t underestimate the power of the Lime and its heart shape leaves. Historically, they serve as a powerful symbol for true love. According to one entry in Frank C Brown’s, “Collection of Northern Folklore” (Vol. VII, pp.574), a woman can win the love of her romantic interest by drying the heart shaped leaves in front of a fire and grinding them into a powder. She is then to take the powder and place it on or in her romantic interest’s clothing. She may also wear some in her bosom to attract many pursuers.  Furthermore, should you find a lime tree (also known as a Linden), make an offering that has significance for you and ask for true love to come your way.

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A Quick and Easy Hoodoo Love Spell

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This particular spell has its roots in good old fashioned Hoodoo. However, it also reflects strong European inferences. The original source for this spell is referenced in both Frank C. Brown’s “North Carolina Folklore, Popular Beliefs and Superstitions”, Vol. V pp. 566-567 and Newbell Niles Puckett’s, “Folk Beliefs of the Southern Negro,” pp. 266. Harry Hyatt Middelton also mentions a very similar love spell which clearly indicates that this particular spell does have some validity and was commonly used.

I highly recommend incorporating a bit of Come To Me Oil or Follow Me Boy Oil. You may also add some Jasmine, lavender and/or rose buds to boost its efficacy.

Take a piece of plain white paper. Get a pin and prick the tip of your left wedding ring finger. Using the pin as a writing tool, write your name and the name of your love interest in the center of the paper with the blood from your finger. You will then need to draw three small circles around the names (also in blood). If you have any Come to Me Oil, I would anoint a bit of oil over you and your love interest’s name. If you have lavender, Jasmine or Rose buds place them in the center of the paper. Fold the paper towards you, turn it 90 degrees and fold it again (towards you). Take some of your own hair and tie it around the folded paper. You will then want to bury it at 9:00 p.m. at night.

Allegedly, this will encourage your partner to come to you within three days. If your romantic partner has become intrigued with another woman or man, throw a bit of salt in the path where he will walk. Hyatt references another simply technique that entails sewing a pinch of salt in your lover’s pocket (make sure he doesn’t know) in order to prevent him from visiting another woman.

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Before a Love Spell, Remember to “Cut & Clear”: The Hoodoo Cut & Clear Oil

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During any attempt to manifest love, particularly in love divination and rituals, I often recommend performing a cleansing a purifying ritual before you begin your love work. I recommend this because even though we may find ourselves single, we are not always completely detached from our pasts. This is often true in relation to our love lives. Although we may feel completely ready to embark on a new love adventure, there still may be some old residue left behind from a past relationship. Feelings of anger, hurt feelings or unresolved emotions often lie just beneath the surface.

Clearly some people take the approach to simply letting sleeping dogs lie. In theory I wouldn’t be opposed to this at all. However, when it comes to relationships you never know what is going to trigger you, particularly if you have old wounds from a past relationship that you have failed to acknowledge or address. Sooner or later, past attachments and their negative interactions are going to impede on your current relationship or attempts at a new relationship. In reality, the best approach to finding a perfect relationship is to make peace with your past ones.

To help rid yourself of some of these old attachments, there are two rituals Art of the Root recommends. The first is a purification and cleansing ritual to literally help you clear away past attachment and residue from old relationships. The second process is a healing ritual to help you firmly let go and help you become more available in the present.

The Cut & Clear Oil and Bath does exactly what its name implies. It Cuts the past and Clears you for the here and now. Obviously there are a number of methods and approaches to how one might do this. There really is no wrong or right approach so long as it works. I personally had to work a Cut & Clear Ritual Bath weekly for three months to help me let go of an ex-boyfriend. That may seem like a long time, but let me tell you, it was a long relationship!

Here is one of my favorite Cut & Clear Spells that I like to work with. You will need the following:

Cut & Clear Oil, A Scissors, a piece of paper, a black candle, a whole lemon, salt and a black piece of fabric and some black string & small bowl of water.

To begin, take a piece of paper and write down everything you wish to let go of right in the middle of the piece of paper. This can be specific people or it can be feelings, concepts or beliefs. Then take your scissors and cut out your list from the rest of the paper. In the center of the paper, add a pinch of salt and a few drops of Cut & Clear Oil. Then, fold the paper in half, making sure you fold the paper away from your body. Do this a couple more times and until the paper is small enough to fit inside your lemon. Take your scissors or use a small knife and carve a small hole in your lemon. Squeeze a bit of the lemon juice into your small bowl of water. You are going to also want a cuple drops of the Cut & Clear Oil and and pinch of salt into the bowl of water. Next, put the paper inside the lemon and add a few more drops of Cut & Clear Oil. Wrap the lemon in your black fabric and tie it like your tying a book or present. Go one way, and then criss cross and go the other. This part of the rituals is done.

Next, take your black candle and anoint it with the Cut & Clear Oil, beginning at the middle and pushing its way down towards the bottom of the candle.

When you feel completely ready, light the candle. Always make sure the candle is in an appropriate holder. Next, take the candle and you are symbolically going to imagine all the negativity and attachments dissolving. Take the candle and hold it near your head and then move it down your body, slowly. And make sure you don’t get the flame to close to your body! I really like Psalm 17, lines 1-3 for this particular cleansing ritual. But you may also choose to say your own prayer or simply chant, “I let go” over and over.

When you have completed this step, place the candle near your wrapped lemon. Let the candle burn out on its own. You are going to place the lemon on a window sill for 7 days. Take any excess wax and stick it in the bowl with lemon, salt and Cut & Clear Oil. This will help to continue the Cleansing effect. Leave it next to the lemon for all 7 days.

When the seven days are up, you can either leave everything at a crossroad or throw it into a stream or river, just make sure the water is moving. FYI, do not throw anything up river from where you stand, always throw things down river, away from you.

You can finish up with a Healing Bath right after your Cut & Clear ritual. I recommend doing this as a bath soak.You can repeat this for three days if you feel compelled to do so.

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