Leaves of Love, Old Hoodoo Love Spells

If you ever get the opportunity to look through the Frank C Brown’s, “Collection of Northern Folklore”, there are countless remedies, superstitions and spells that have their roots in good old fashioned Hoodoo. There are also a number of entries that reflect Germanic traditions as well. There are countless tidbits from dream interpretations, Hoodoo love oils, remedies for countless disorders, the times of year to harvest, and good old fashioned superstitions. One of my favorites is that of the Heart shaped leaf and how it can be used as a love drawing charm


Magick and Heart Shaped Leaves

There are countless types of heart shaped leaves. Just look around and you’ll be bound to find them. Or, you can simply stick with the leaves from a lime tree which is personally my favorite. Although I would argue it is not one of the more widely used ingredients in Hoodoo, it still has strong love associations. In fact, this belief largely comes from European folklore with records of its use for love spells dating back as far as medieval times. The lime tree was once associated to lovers, according to German folklore. In the medieval period, the lime tree was used as a symbol of love. In Pagan times, Lithuania women would perform rituals under its branches in order to increase their fertility and serenity. Abramelin oil can increase ritual potency. In Poland, Mother Mary is associated to the Lime tree and it’s a common belief that if you pray to her under the tree your prayers are more likely to be answered.


Magical Uses of Lime Leaves 

So, don’t underestimate the power of the Lime and its heart shape leaves. Historically, they serve as a powerful symbol for true love. According to one entry in Frank C Brown’s, “Collection of Northern Folklore” (Vol. VII, pp.574), a woman can win the love of her romantic interest by drying the heart shaped leaves in front of a fire and grinding them into a powder. She is then to take the powder and place it on or in her romantic interest’s clothing. She may also wear some in her bosom to attract many pursuers.  Furthermore, should you find a lime tree (also known as a Linden), make an offering that has significance for you and ask for true love to come your way.

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