How to use Road Opener Oil in a Spell or Ritual

One of the more popular ritual oils to work with is Road Opener Oil. Road Opener Oil is typically used when someone seeks new opportunities or wishes to embark on a new endeavor but cannot get any traction on their own. People often describe this scenario as if they are feeling “blocked or challenged.” A proper ritual can help break through these obstacles.

Any good Road Opener Oil is going to have Abre Camino in it as well as other herbs that can both clear up obstacles and promote the right energy so new doors can open. Because we hear about this issue from our clients all the time, we decided to really break down a ritual step by step so you can get the most out of your magical undertakings.

When it comes to magic, we know results are important. In this ritual, we are also going to focus on the inner work; how your thoughts, feelings and old ideas can influence magic. In some respects, this is where the real magic happens. So let’s begin.

Preparing for a Road Opener Spell

Before, you attempt any type of magical undertaking, it's important to get in the right head space. It's also important to reflect reflect on what you wish to achieve. One of the most important elements to magic, is the emotional preparation. The exercise below can help you center yourself and look within. This is the place where all magic begins; your inner world and your connection to the world around you.

Turn your attention inward and be still for a moment. Close your eyes. Relax your jaw, your neck, your shoulders, your hips, all the way down to the tips of your toes and take a deep breath. Now take another one; this time, breathe in and think about the one thing you’d love to have in your life that you are missing. Now breathe out, and exhale, pushing out the biggest roadblock.

Just thinking about this may stir up feelings of guilt, doubt or unworthiness.  Identifying the root of this feeling can be extremely powerful. Fear is the most common feeling that holds people back from achieving their goals; whether it is the fear of not reaching your goal or the fear of losing what you. Our Road Opener Ritual helps you create a mind space where you feel safe to dismiss this fear and give yourself permission to honor yourself - without feeling guilty or selfish. It will then help attract what you want. Beforehand - you'll want to make sure you have the correct supplies for road opener spells.

What you will need to perform the Road Opener Spell:

  • Road Opener Oil
  • Basil  &Lemon
  • A spray bottle
  • Any type of key (optional)
  • One jumbo orange candle
  • A picture of yourself
  • A picture frame
  • Two small pieces of paper  and a pencil or pen
  • A fire-safe-plate
  • A candle holder
  • White tealights

The Road Opener Spell

The best time to perform this ritual is between a full moon and a new moon (waxing moon) and either on a Wednesday or a Sunday. Add some water to a pot and gently simmer the basil and lemon. Cool, strain and pour this into a spray bottle. Here is your cleanse.

Begin by spraying this in every room of your home. Start in the back and finish at your front door – the last spray with your door open. Take some of this mixture and wipe down your front door frame as well. Also be sure to cleanse your altar and any spiritual places in your home.

Gather your ritual items and go to your favorite space in your home. Take some time to be still and reflect. What is the main thing in your life that has been a source of stress or negativity, something blocking you from your dreams or being where you really want or need to be in your life? Write this on the first piece of paper and set It aside.

Now, visualize yourself standing alone with a door in front of you. Picture the door opening and on the other side is exactly what you want in your life. What would that be? A new job, higher self-esteem, a new opportunity, more money, a new home, an honest person who loves you? Write that on the second piece of paper.

Anoint that second piece of paper with Road Opener Oil. Dab a little in all four corners and then one in the center. You will be performing three folds. But first, as you fold the paper, visualize the open door and allow yourself permission to walk through that door toward what it is you desire. Now fold the paper in half toward you, with the crease facing away. Turn the paper a quarter turn to the right (clockwise), fold it toward you again and then one more quarter turn to the right and a third fold toward you. Take your time and do this with intention.

Next, take your jumbo orange candle and carve your name in it, along with what is waiting on the other side of that open door. Then, put a little Road Opener Oil on your fingers and anoint the candle, starting at the middle of the candle, up the oil up the candle toward the wick, starting at the middle. Place the candle in a candle holder. Take your folded petition and put it on a table. Take the picture of yourself, face up, and set that on top of your folded petition. Then, take your key and place it directly on top of the picture.

Finally, place a fire-safe plate on top of your picture, petition and key. Set the candle in the candle holder on top of the plate. So you have, folded petition, your picture face-up, the plate and then candle holder (holding the candle).

When you are ready, light the candle and either read Psalm 118, Galatians 6:10 or recite a meaningful prayer or intention of your own. When you feel it is time, burn the first piece of paper containing what it is that is holding you back. Allow the ashes to fall where they may. Then, you can either let the candle burn all the way out, or if you wish to extinguish it beforehand, use a candle snuffer or smother it; do not blow it out, as you do not want your intentions to blow away.

Take everything left over from your ritual, EXCEPT for your folded petition, the key and the picture of yourself, and leave them at a crossroads (intersection), throw them downstream into moving water (make sure the water is traveling away from you) or bury them in a park. You want them away from your property.

Take the picture frame and put your picture in that frame with your folded petition behind it and place it near your front door. Take your key and bury it outside by your front door. If you are unable to bury it by the front of your door, place it in a plotted plant and keep this by your front door. Take a white tealight and set it by the frame. Every Sunday,  put a little Road Opener Oil on your finger and run it clockwise around the wick of the tealight. Then light the tealight and let it burn all the way out. Repeat this weekly until you feel a shift in energy.

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