How To Perform A Banishing Spell

At some point in life everyone must deal with an annoying neighbor, a troublesome ex, someone who just won't stop harassing, or a nagging issue in life that seems to hold you back. 
When seeking to banish, consider timing and moon phases. The best time to perform this spell is during a waning moon. A waning moon usually appears about 4 days after a full moon has completed its cycle.  As the moon fades and gets smaller, so will whatever you seek to banish.  Finally, if possible, perform the spell on a Tuesday.   Ruled by mars, Tuesday gives you the power to face that troublesome person or life issue.


  • Sage, Lemon Peel, Basil, & Hyssop (or Rosemary)
  • 1 Cup Salt
  • 5 Black or White Chime Candles with Holders
  • Any Type of Banishing Oil or Uncrossing Oil
  • A Small Fire Safe Bowl
  • 1 Piece Parchment Paper (if you have it, if not any Blank Paper will do)


1.   Combine the salt, herbs and a few drops of oil in the small fire safe bowl.
2.   On your paper, write what you wish to banish.  This is your Petition.
3.   Fold the paper in half, make sure you are folding the paper away from yourself. Turn the paper counter-clockwise and fold again, then turn paper counterclockwise and fold one last time.  Always be sure you fold away from yourself.  
4.   Lay your folded paper on a flat surface.
5.   Next, anoint all 5 candles.  To do this you will place a few drops of oil on the middle of the candle and pull the oil toward the wick.     
6.   Now, put the bowl with the salt, herbs and oil on top of your petition.
7.   Place the first candle in the middle of the bowl of salt.  Put your second candle at the top of the bowl (ideally this will be facing North).  The remaining candles are positioned around the bowl in a counterclockwise manner.  The third candle is on the west side of the bowl, the fourth is south, and the fifth candle is set on the east side of the bowl. 
8.   Now light the candles beginning at the top (North) and moving around the bowl in a counterclockwise manner, (West, South, East)
9.   State your Intention or a prayer of your choosing    
When the spell is complete, take all the remains out of the house and leave them at a crossroads (where 2 roads cross each other).

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