An Everyday Self-Love Ritual

Our Self-Love Set has everything you need for a truly pampering ritual.  Let your yourself know that you are respected, valued, and loved with this indulgent set that focuses on your mind, body, and soul.  It's best to perform this ritual before bedtime. 

How To Perform The Self-Love Ritual

Begin by lighting the candle while allowing your body and mind to relax. Release all negativity and let the vibrating power of the candle's Thulite Crystals stimulate feelings of happiness, compassion, self-love, and healing. When your mind is peaceful, begin stating positive, self-loving affirmations such as:

I am deserving of all the joy and beauty the world has to offer.
When your mind allows positive, loving feelings to freely flow, you are ready for the next part of the ritual which focuses on your body.   Use the luxurious soap in the shower or bath and lovingly wash your body beginning at your head and down to your toes. Focus on your body and everything it does for you. As you bathe, state your body-positive affirmations such as:
My body is beautiful and deserving of love and acceptance.  
After your bath, you are ready for bedtime and the last part of the ritual which focuses on your soul. Make sure your bed sheets are fresh and clean, use white sheets if you have them. Spray your bed linens and your body with the Self-Love spray.   When you are ready, get into your freshly made and scented bed and focus on yourself.  Focus on your soul which is the essence of your being. Let yourself know that it's safe, loved, and respected. The soothing Self-Love scent will help your soul drift off to a rejuvenating sleep. When you wake, begin the day with positive affirmations and continue those affirmations throughout the day. As you are getting ready for work or school give yourself a spritz of the Self-Love spray. The scent is so beautiful you will want to use it every day. You can even take it with you and use it for a loving "boost" throughout the day.

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