The Magic of Orchids in Wiccan Love Spells & Rituals

There is nothing more magnetic than orchid magic. Its magical properties have long been revered for love, lust and potency. Both the ancient Greeks and Romans believed that the Orchid could stimulate male virility and was a widely used in love matters. European witches used orchids in the love philters and The famous New Orleans “jezebel root,” a member of the Orchid family, was sought out by prostitutes to help them attract wealthy customers.

Using Orchids in love magic is not only effective, it can also be exceptionally potent!! Orchids are one of the few botanicals  that can stand alone. In other words, you do not need additional ingredients to enhance its effectiveness.  

For a powerful love powder:

4 parts powdered Orchid Root

1 part Magentic Sand or Iron fillings

9 drops Rose, Geranium Oil or Love & Attraction Oil (optional)


In love matters, the best part of the Orchid to work with is its root. This will need to be ground down into a fine powder. You can also simply get Salep powder. Salep powder is, in its essence, the root of a type of Orchid.

It’s widely used in traditional Eastern medicine and is one of the main ingredients in Turkish “Sahlep,” a much enjoyed winter drink that’s fairly easy to come by.  You can, of course, get an orchid plant and dig up its root.  The best method is to simply acquire Orchid flower bulbs from a local or online garden store.  

Sprinkle this on the personal items of your desired love interest, dab some in the heel of your shoe, or sprinkle some under your mattress. or create a sachet and place it in your lingerie drawer.  My favorite method is to work with photographs. Get a photo of yourself and a photo of your love interest. Dust the photographs with a bit of powder and face them flat on a table. The photo of your love interest should by facing up and your photograph should be on top, facing down. Get a red or pink candle dusted with a touch of cinnamon and place it directly over the photographs. Light the candle and state your intentions.

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