Performing a Money Spell Ritual & Meditation to Manifest Prosperity

What Do You Need To Perform A Money Drawing Ritual

You will need the following:

  • A Green Candle
  • A Green or Gold 2x2 Piece of Cloth
  • A Small Piece of Paper
  • A Piece of Green or Gold Thread
  • King Midas Oil or Money Drawing Oil (optional)
  • Bay Leaf
  • Chamomile (chamomile tea is fine)
  • Marjoram
  • Pinch of Basil (optional)
  • A Fire-Safe Plate
  • Candle Holder

Instructions For Performing A Money Spell Ritual

Write your name and a positive affirmation you’d like to manifest on the piece of paper.  If you are using a Money Oil, anoint the piece of paper.  Lay out your piece of cloth and on top of it, place the bay leaf, chamomile, marjoram and basil (optional) and piece of paper.  *Basil is a fiery herb, so if you have a more subtle manifestation, omit the basil.

Next, take your candle, and if using a Money Oil, anoint the candle, pulling the oil from the base of the candle up toward the wick.  Place the candle in a candle holder.  Then, place the fire-safe plate on top of the herbs/piece of paper and then place the candle in the holder on the plate.  Light the candle and state your intention. 

You will need 15 minutes for the meditation.  Slow your mind, focus on your breathing and identify an area of your body that feels blocked, fearful or heavy.  Now, envision the glow of the candle finding and filling that space and encapsulating that negativity.  Now, allow your entire body to relax… and feel that light leaving your body, taking the negativity with it.  How does that feel?  Look at the flame in front of you, filled with your angst. 

As you study the flame, see the problem within it being solved, working itself out and lending to your ideal.  Reflect on how this feels; do you feel lighter and less burdened?  You have a connection to this flame and the change has not only occurred within the flame; the change is taking place inside of you.  Allow that manifestation, which is now present inside the flame, to reflect back onto you like a mirror, filling and lighting every inch of your body.  Sit with this feeling and embrace the change that is happening within.  Finish by allowing this light to be released into the universe.

Allow the candle to burn out on its own or smother the flame when you feel it is time.  Remove the candle and the plate and set them to the side.  Fold the piece of cloth around the herbs and your petition, tying it with the string. 

Keep this bag somewhere meaningful (under your mattress, in your bag or pocket) and each time you feel any negativity or feeling of unease creeping back in or popping up, hold your ritual bag and envision your ritual; see the flame and the change and feel yourself reconnect to your experience.  You can even repeat the meditation if you wish.


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