The Magic of Mala Beads

Mala beads are a powerful tool in spiritual practices and rituals. Also known as prayer beads, many traditions use Mala beads today, as they have over the centuries. In the Sanskrit language, the word “mala” means “garland”. Used to enhance various spiritual undertakings such as meditation, prayer, and the practice of mindfulness, Mala beads are found all over the globe. 

The History of Mala Beads 

Mala beads originate in ancient India. Both Hindus and Buddhists use mal beads in spiritual practices, such as for counting mantras during meditation and prayer. Each mala consists of 108 beads. The number 108 is a sacred number in Hinduism and Buddhism. There are other numbers that hold a special significance with the beads.  For example, 27 and 54 are special numbers too. Each set of numbers has a different purpose.  Some practitioners have special numbers which are solely based upon personal preference.   

Although they originated in India, the use of mala beads spread across Asia. For example, in Tibet and Japan, mala beads are an important element in spiritual practices.  The practitioners in these lands also added the incorporation of sacred materials, such as wood, seeds, and bones, to the mala beads. 

Mala Beads and the Power of Crystals 

In today's new age movement, often crystals are used to create the mala bead. Each type of crystal has its own unique metaphysical property. These various properties enhance the power of the mala beads when the bead is formed from that crystal. Since each crystal contains its own energetic properties, practitioners choose crystals based upon specific intentions. The combination of meditation, prayer, and the incorporation of h mala beads made with special crystals serve as a powerful tool for a number of spiritual undertakings. These spiritual undertakings may include specific rituals and or magical practices.  

Mala Beads and the Practice of Magic: Spells & Rituals 


When properly used, mala beads play an important role in rituals, spells, and magic practices. In rituals and spells, they can be used to set intentions, connect with spiritual energies, or simply enhance the power and efficacy of the spells and intentions.  

Many practitioners begin by cleansing and blessing their mala beads.  This removes negative energy and infuses the beads with specific intentions. During spells and rituals, each bead is touched and counted while reciting incantations, chants, affirmations, or prayers. This deepens focus and connection to spiritual energies so that the beads can help one to achieve the desired specific outcome. 

In the magical arts, mala beads amplify the energy of spells and rituals. Crystals help to enhance goals, intentions, or desired outcome. Practitioners need to be careful to choose the proper crystal, as different crystals evoke different intentions. For example, a practitioner seeking intuition might use an amethyst mala, while someone seeking a protective barrier might choose a black tourmaline mala. The act of repetitive motion of counting and moving over the beads can help induce a trance-like state, enhancing one's ability to connect to different energies. Ultimately, it aids in a practitioner's magical concentration, which can be extremely effective for manifesting one's desires. 

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