How to use Wiccan Oils, Conjure Oils & Ritual Oils with Simple Recipes

For centuries, people have been using essential oils, plants, herbs and roots for ritual purposes. A good Wiccan Oil uses herbs, flowers, and resins known to evoke specific properties. They are hand blended with intention to elicit the powers within them.

When working with Wiccan Oils or any type of conjure oil, it is felt that talking to them, telling them what you want them to do, and thanking them for their assistance, personalizes and energizes them to make them more focused on your specific intention. But how exactly do you apply a conjure oil in a magical ritual? Let’s look at some of the many ways they can be utilized in your magical workings.

1. Anointing With Conjure Oils:

Wiccan Oils can be anointed on the body, on your altar or sacred objects such as talismans or amulets. They can be dabbed on the body, dropped into the heel of your shoe, anointed on divination and altar tools, applied on business cards or important documents or simply anointed on your favorite jewelry.

Dab some on your hand prior to meeting new people or simply apply some oil to an object or place where your target may come into contact with it. Place a few drops in your shampoo or lotion or simply burn some in a diffuser in the middle of your home. Add a drop or two to a burning charcoal. Really the sky is the limit on their placement. We always encourage people to get creative.

2. Creating a Spiritual Wash

Floor Washes are a great way to draw in or remove energy form your home. It’s easy to do and can drastically shift the energy within the home. Simply mix a ¼ of an ounce of conjure oil with 2 tablespoons of a mild liquid soap. Mix this combination into a ½ a gallon of warm water

To attract or draw energy to you, wash your floors starting at your front door going toward the back of your house. Then move to your second floor (if you have one) and repeat. Make sure your mop strokes are going into the home just like you are drawing the desired intention into your life.

To rid yourself and your space of negative energy, you may want to work with a Banishing or Uncrossing Oil. Starting at the back of your house, going toward your front door to push away the undesirable. Make sure your mop stroke are pushing the energy out and away from your home.

The front door also serves as an important magical symbol. Wiccan Oils can be applied to the door for protection as well and abundance. In fact, your front door can serve as an important source of magick. For protection, wash the outside of your door with a Protection Conjure Oil. For Abundance, wash the inside of your door with an Abundance Conjure Oil.

3. Candle Magick:

Clean the candle on a spiritual (or energy) level in order to disassociate any vibrations or attachments it may have picked up before it arrived to you. This can be done by passing it through smoke of burning sage, running it under water, burying it in the earth (if your goal is abundance, wealth prosperity, etc.) cleansing it with a bit of whiskey or Hoyt’s Cologne or gently soaking it in water with just a touch of kosher salt.

Bless and charge the candle or empower it with the energy you wish it to embody for your intention – the energy will be released when it is burned to create the desired effect. You can lay the candle over crystals or selenite, put it under the sun or moon to charge it with solar or lunar power, talk to the candle or simply state a simple prayer. In the Hoodoo tradition, for example, it’s not uncommon for a practioner to simply state the following “In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, I bless this Candle.” Obviously, the Christian reference could make some people uncomfortable. You can also state something like this, “I call in the power of earth, air, fire and wind, to bless this candle and ritual for the highest good of all concerned.” This is the stage when you anoint the candle with your Wiccan Oil to help instill its energy and power into the candle in order to carry out your wishes.

When you anoint the conjure candle, focus all of your thoughts on the outcome of the intention you are manifesting in the candle. Imaging the energy coming out your fingertips, charging the oil and that energy permeating the candle which will then be carried up through its flame.

To draw or attract something to you, rub oil on the candle in a upward motion starting from the middle to the top of the candle and then going from the bottom to the middle of the candle.

To have something leave or be taken away from you, rub the oil starting in the top of the candle to the middle, and then from the middle of the candle to the bottom, taking care never to rub the oil in a back and forth motion.

4. Creating Your Own Custom Wiccan & Ritual Oils

Essential Oils are known as such because they are vital to plants; essential for their life and they contain the essence of the plant. They are composed of tiny molecules able to permeate into the cells that comprise the human body. There are several ways to garner the plant essence (in which you can use the leaves, stems, bark, root, seeds or flowers depending upon the plant); the most common and effective is crushing.

Because essential oils can be far too potent and can irritate the skin, a carrier oil is used (usually comprised of vegetable oils) that helps dilute the essential oil and carry it into the skin. There are countless carrier oils to work with but the most traditional ones are olive and almond oils. When creating your own Ritual oil, your will always want to dilute your essential oils in your carrier oil of choice. To be safe, you should add no more than 4 drops of essential oil per tablespoon of carrier oil. You may simply create a blend with a combination of essential oils or you can explore adding a number of herbs, resins and minerals to your blend to give it added strength.

Once you determine which carrier oil you wish to work with you can now begin to explore which herbs and oils correlate with your intentions. Let’s say your goal is to create financial abundance. You can combine chamomile, cedar, patchouli and cinnamon. If you want your primary scent to be of cinnamon, simply use cinnamon as your primary essential oil source while using the rest for herbal ingredients. Let’s say you want a scent that is more earthy, you may choose to combine cedar and patchouli essential oils as your primary scent while adding the rest as herbal ingredients. The most important factor in creating your own blends is to choose what resonates with you personally. As always, trust your intuition to guide you!

5. Charging you Wiccan Oil

Art of the Root has over 100 of the highest quality Conjure Oils available; however, should you decide to concoct your own Conjure Oil, once combined, we recommend blessing it…here is how:

*Leaving a Conjure Oil in the moonlight or for a full rotation of the moon will give it its most power.

*Bury the bottle of Conjure Oil in the earth for several days if you desire abundance and growth.

*Chant your intent over the Conjure Oil each night until the Conjure Oil is complete (of the desired strength), holding both hands over it to focus your energy and intentions directly into the Conjure Oil.

Ready to get Started? There are countless books on magical herbs on the market today (check out our sources at the end of this article.) But lets say you want to get started right away and the only herbs you have on hand are the herbs you have in your kitchen cabinet. No problem! Below we have listed a number of herbs that can be used for a variety of intentions.


Brown Sugar

Kosher Salt
Black Pepper

Lemon Balm

Lemon Grass
Kosher Salt
Lemon Peel

Celery Seeds
Lemon Grass

History of Magic and Oils

Here at Art of the Root we take history very seriously and a number of our blends are based on traditional recipes and folklore of herbs, oils, resins and their magical uses dating as far back as the ancient Egyptians. Let’s take a look at how history emphasis the use of oils in religious, medicinal and magical uses.

Tissue samples from Egyptian King Ramesses II who died in 1224 BC had traces of Chamomile Oil, which was used to anoint his corpse. It has been found in the Bible that oils were used for wellness, physical and mental healing, to enhance one’s spiritual state of mind in worship, help achieve emotional clarity and purification from sin, as well as used to anoint gifts for God. There is a well-known Christian spell for healing, using oil, water and honey, calling upon Archangel Gabriel to bless it. When the Hebrews, who were versed in perfumes and oils, left Egypt in 1240 BCE, they imparted their knowledge on the Israelis. This transfer of knowledge is evident throughout recorded history.

The Greeks used perfume oils to praise deities at feasts and wore the oils to please the Gods, as they believed plants possessed spiritual qualities. The Chinese believed when you extracted oils from plants you freed the plants’ souls, and Chinese alchemists even searched for the elixir of life in plant essences. African American root doctors often acquired herbal knowledge from Native Americans, who used oils in rituals and for healing. Ritual oils are essential in Fairy Magic – Sandalwood Oil is said to attract woodland elves and fairies and ylang ylang oil attracts garden fairies and elves. Even pharmaceutical companies sold conjure oils in the 1930s and 1940s.

With all you have just learned about Conjure Oils and their history, how can so many people be wrong, you wonder? I personally do not believe centuries of recorded history can be. Tap into the essence of Cleopatra, Gabriel, Moses, or the ancient Egyptians depicted in hieroglyphics using oils; you have nothing to lose! Open your spirit and your mind to a different realm of thought; a different medium to assist in achieving all you desire.

Concocting your own Conjure Oil does take some time and know-how, which is why Art of the Root offers over 100 of the finest quality Conjure Oils ready to help you - all of which have been made with intention and love for the plants which have been awakened and liberated from their native form, very much like can happen to you if you allow it!


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