A Simple Love Drawing Floor Wash Spell

For this spell, the goal is to draw love into the home using a simple floor wash to create the perfect energy for love to bloom.

You will need the following items:

*2 quarts of spring water

*cardamom pods

*rose petals

*orange rind

*rosemary sprigs

*cinnamon sticks


*2 tablespoons mild dishwashing soap

*colander or strainer

*bucket and a mop

*a pot and a stove

Begin by pouring the spring water into the pot.  All the while focus on drawing love into your life.

Put the pot on the stove on very low heat.  Slowly add all ingredients to the pot (except the soap).  Once everything is added to the pot, gently increase the burner temperature until the pot begins to simmer.  Simmer all ingredients for 10 miniates.  While the potion is simmering, concentrate on your desires and say:

By the moon, by the sky

By the earth, and by the and sun

In the the spirit of love, please bring me the one. 

After 10 miniates, take the pot off of the stove and let your potion cool down to room temperature.

Now, using the colander or strainer, strain the liquid part of the potion into your bucket and add the dishwashing soap.  This is your floor wash.

To begin using your floor wash, start mopping at your front door, and work your way to the back of the house. While you are mopping, imagine you are pulling love into the home.  Use the mop as a way to draw the energy in to you.  Don't push away with the mop....instead, with each stroke, pull the the mop towards you as if you are drawing something toward your body.

If your home has an upstairs and a downstairs, be sure to begin mopping at the front door on the first floor, and work your way up to the second floor. If you have any remaining liquid, leave it at a crossroads.



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