How to Cast a Protection Spell with Magical Incantations

Interwoven with religion and the sciences, protection magic was once considered an integral part of everyday life. Since antiquity, there has been a widespread belief that their malevolent forces, whether from another person, spirit, or negative energy, have the power to influence someone’s overall well-being. Protection magic can take its forms in many ways. From incantations to sacred charms, the goal of defensive magic has always been. It continues to be a method whereby an individual can reverse or shield against the malicious intentions or supernatural forces of outside influence. 


For our purposes, this protection spell provides an energetic shield to halt an attack and repel its influence. Borrowing a method from late antiquity, most notably of Babylonian / Mesopotamian origin, our ritual employs a protective incantation bowl. Popular in the 6th to 8th centuries, incantation bowls featured handwritten text in the form of a sacred spell or petition. They were most commonly used as a form of protective magic that had the power to dispel different forms of nefarious forces, such as the evil eye, demons, curses, and negative energy in general. However, it was not uncommon to find Incantation bowls that served as a means to heal, bless, and draw love. Lucky for us, many of these examples survive today.


The goal is to create our protective incantation bowl to be used in a highly personalized protective ritual. The more creative you get, the better. Like many works of art, Incantation Bowls are a creative process that focuses on a specific purpose. No two incantation bowls are alike. They reflect a personal prescription, one solely designed for a particular intention. They are beautiful, sacred, and exceptionally powerful. Because of this, it helps to solidify one's intentions and draw in the appropriate energy to manifest protective qualities. 


What You Need to Perform a Protection Spell


  • A ceramic bowl that will only be used for a ritual purpose
  • A Sharpe pen
  • Kosher Salt
  • A white floating candle
  • A  cup of water
  • Fiery Wall of Protection Oil or Protection Oil
  • 2 Tablespoons of Hyssop (sage or mint can be equally effective)


How to Perform your Protection Spell


To begin, get your take your bowl and sharpie. In the center of the bowl, draw or write out precisely what you wish to shield from: It could be any image representing something you want to dispel or banish. It could be a name, an image, or even a description of what you seek to protect yourself from. Over this image, draw something that represents binding or chaining it so it can no longer harm you. You can draw chains, rope, or even an X.  


Next, you can write out a prayer, intention, or incantation that you feel is protective.  When writing, begin at the top rim of the bow and continue writing, spiraling down the inside of the bowl toward the bottom.


You may also write the following incantation:


“Prescribed in this bowl for the sealing and guarding of this house, dwelling and body of name of person who seeks protection that all tormentors, evil dreams, curses, encroachments, demons and terrors shall go out from this house. Bound and sealed all curses, maledictions, all evil intent. Bound is the evil eye. Once gone, they shall not enter this dwelling nor inflict harm to name of the person who seeks protection. Sealed and guarded shall be name of person who seeks protection. So they shall be guarded night and day.”


After this is complete and the Sharpie ink has completely dried, fill the bowl with water. Add 15 drops of Protection Oil, two tablespoons of salt, and a tablespoon of the dried herb. Place the floating candle in the bowl. When ready, light the candle and say a prayer, intention or read psalm 23. Allow the candle to burn out. When this is complete, you want to take the bowl's contents, move it off your property, and either throw it in a body of moving water or leave it at a crossroads. The bowl is to be kept somewhere in your home, turned upside down and well hidden, or buried upside down anywhere on your property.


* Our incantation was adapted from 6th and 7th-century Incantation bowls. For further reading, please refer to the following source:

Naveh, Joseph, and Shaul Shaked. Amulets and Magic Bowls: Aramaic Incantations of Late Antiquity. Magnes Press, Hebrew University, 1998.

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