An Effigy Love Spell, The Power of Image Magic

The holiday festivities of last year have passed and we are now at the beginning of a new year. As with all new years, this one is loaded with bright prospects and the thrill of new beginnings. Even though we are in the midst of an icy winter, the season of love is approaching quickly.  That is why we, here at Art of the Root, are working hard to make sure that our blogs, up to the time of Valentine’s Day, will focus upon the prospects of new beginnings with regard to love, sex, and romance.  

What is Effigy Magic? 

To that end, this blog focuses upon making the apple of your eye become your one and only via an Effigy Love Spell.  Adding this type of spell to your bag of tricks is a powerful tool.  Effigy magic is a type of image or figure magic, and it is one of the earliest types of magic. Drawings, clay or cloth dolls, and sculptures are all a form of image or figure magic. Today if you look up “effigy”, it is mostly associated with negativity or cursing (as with a voodoo doll).  But that is not always the case.  The goal of image or figure magic is to transfer what is inflicted upon the image to the target of the spell.  With this spell, you cause love and desire to be inflicted upon the effigy, and those feelings are transferred to the object of the spell. 

The Power of Sympathetic Magic 

Using an effigy, in your spell is form of sympathetic magic.  In this kind of magic, an image is used to represent the target of the spell.  Here the image is in the form of an effigy.  The effigy is in sympathy with the target of the spell.  Hence, whatever is inflicted upon the effigy will manifest upon the target. This spell will transfer from the effigy to your object of desire powerful feelings of love.  

The following spell is based upon writings taken from The True Black Magic, or as it is known in French, La Véritable Magie Noire Ou Le Secret Des Secrets (The True Black Magic Or the Secret of Secrets). Although attributed to King Solomon, this grimoire is most likely a conglomeration of spells created by many people; it dates back to the 14th or 15th century.  Only two original transcripts exist, and they are written in Hebrew. It was Iroé Grego who translated the original manuscript from Hebrew to French.  All translations thereafter rely upon Grego’s French translation. 

The Effigy Love Spell

You need the following: 

  • A white candle along with a tool that will “shave” off pieces of the candle. 
  • A saucepan and a mild heating element, like a burner on your stove set to low. 
  • Dragon's Blood Oil or resin. 
  • A few rose petals, a bit of licorice root (about ½ teaspoon), and a sprinkle or two of cinnamon powder. 
  • A carving tool. 
  • A container that can be sealed, opened and then re-sealed. 
  • A few small pink candles (like a spell candle or a volitive). 

Begin by warming the saucepan.  Warm it just enough to melt candle wax. 

Take the white candle and, while holding it over the warm saucepan, begin shaving the candle.  You want the shaved pieces of candle to fall into the saucepan.  The shaved pieces should slowly melt in the warm saucepan.   

As the shaved wax is melting, slowly mix in the Dragon Blood, rose petals, licorice root and cinnamon. After these ingredients are mixed into the melted candle, let the wax cool just enough so that it is pliable.  You want the wax to cool enough so that you can form it into a shape.   

Once the wax is at the point where you can manipulate it, form the warm wax into the shape of a person.  This shaped wax represents the object of your desire and is now an effigy 

Let the cool completely.  When the effigy is cooled, it will be hard enough so that you can carve into it.  Use your carving tool to carve the name of your love interest into the effigy. Now, put the figure down and recite the following:  

"I conjure and compel you.
Oh you spirits who have the power to upset the hearts of men and women by him who created us from nothing.
And by this thing that you come into my presence this night that I may receive the virtue to compel those whom I desire to love me.
So (name of target) may love me, desire and burn with love for me."


Now take your effigy and put it into a container with a cover. Hide the container somewhere in your home (under your bed is a great place).  

For the next 3, 5, or 7 nights repeat the following:   

Take the effigy out of the container, light a pink candle, and recite the above incantation again.  Let the pink candle burn out, then place the effigy back into the container and hide it in your home. 


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