Vision Oil for Hoodoo, Santeria, Wicca & Pagan Ceremonies

Brand: Art of the Root

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Vision oil was designed to increase your intuition and aid you in accessing your third eye chakra. If you wish to increase your own psychic awareness and clairvoyant ability, this is the oil for you! Vision Oil is a particularly powerful blend for developing your ability to see into different energy realms and perceive new intuitive information. It really can help you with any type of divination such as working with Divination tools such as the Tarot, Runes, Shells or Pendulum. Vision oil can also help you with your own creativity, personal wisdom and clarity of mind. If you feel confused or overwhelmed, for example, Vision Oil can help you to establish what your next course of action should be. Made with bay, copal, rose, nutmeg, acacia and a few other potent vision ingredients, Vision Oil is all natural. It comes in a ½ oz bottle with a Sweet Almond base oil.

Put a bit of Vision Oil in the bath or anoint some on your temples and third eye. Place a few drops on your altar or use it as a furniture polish in your sacred spaces. Another powerful method is to mix a bit of Vision Oil with fresh coconut milk and pour some on your head/crown prior to meditating or performing divination rituals. You can also perform a divination ritual with 5 purple or white votive candles placed around of bowl of water with a crucifix in it. 


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