Stop Gossip Oil 1/2 oz Tapa Boca Oil for Hoodoo, Voodoo, Wicca & Pagan Spells

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One of the more powerful oils you can use to halt gossip and rumors is our Stop Gossip Oil, or as some people like to call it, Tapa Boca oil. As you can guess this oil can help stop any negative gossip that is affecting you both personally and in your work environment. It’s a great oil to use when others are preventing you from reaching your goals by undermining you behind your back. Many people have used Stop Gossip Oil to put a stop to the back stabbing behavior of others, particularly when it is affecting their social status. If you find yourself competing with someone over a love interest or even a job position, then this oil is made for you as it is known to help people gain an edge over their competition. More importantly, Stop Gossip Oil does not inflict any harm. The primary purpose of this oil is to encourage the people around you to behave in a manner that does not affect you in a negative way. Some of the ingredients in this oil include Burdock, Agrimony, Slippery Elm, as well as a few other herbs & resins. It’s made with all natural ingredients and comes in a ½ bottle that is mixed into a sweet almond carrier oil.

There are a many ways to use the oil, but here at Art of the Rood we favor these two techniques. The first way that you can use Stop Gossip Oil is by getting a hold of a black candle or a white candle. Carve the names of the people who are gossiping about you into the candle with a toothpick or needle. Then you are going to write your name directly on top of theirs. Anoint the candle starting at the middle of the candling and pushing downward towards the candle’s base. You can reinforce your intentions by writing out a petition. Get a small piece of paper from a brown paper bag and write the name of those who are gossiping about. Write your name directly over theirs. Then, write down your intention. Anoint a little oil on your petition in the sign of a cross. Light the candle and recite Psalm 34. After the candle has burned, take all the remains and leave it at a crossroads.

Another technique that many people choose to use is a relatively simple technique. However, it is quite effective. This technique involves making a honey jar. Again, on a piece of brown paper bag write down the names of those who are causing you harm. Write your name on top of theirs and then write out your intention. Place your petition in a jar with either honey or maple syrup. You may also add a bit of brown sugar if you so choose. Once this is complete, pour a bit of the Stop Gossip Oil into the jar. Once you have done all of this, the next step is to cover the jar and then take a small white candle and light it. Make sure the jar you choose has a metal lid. We also recommend using glass encased votive candles or tea lights. You can light candles on top of the honey jar as long as you need to. Just make sure your safe!

Stop Gossip Oil can also be worn on the body, placed in the bath, rubbed on furniture, placed on your altar or rubbed on the doors. Feel free to dab some on your desk at work or place some in the heel of your shoe.

Sold as a Curio. For external use only.