Purification Incense for Hoodoo, Voodoo, Wicca & Pagan Rituals

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Purification Incense is a blend formulated to help you rid yourself of unwanted negative energy, can restore your energy levels and can help you shed any emotional baggage that is no longer serving you. It’s an ideal Incense to work with when you wish to get rid of the energy of a particular person or simply want to get rid of unwanted obstacles or blocks that may be preventing you from reaching your goals. It’s great for those of you who wish to break old ties and relationships with people who are no longer working in your life. It includes eucalyptus, valerian, fennel seeds, lemon, hyssop, and camphor. It’s made with all natural products and comes in a 1.25 oz glass cork vial.

NOTE: This incense does NOT self-ignite and is made for over-charcoal burning. It is the ideal mixture for any type of spirit cleansing ritual or divination technique.

One of the more popular techniques to use when burning our Purification Incense is to burn a little in every room and corner of your entire home. Burn some while you are in the shower or bath and visualize the water cleansing and purifying you! You can also draw a clear line in front your door with some in order to prevent negative energy from coming in the home. Mix some in hot water and use it as a wash for the home. Another technique is to simply mix some up with water and kosher salt and place it in the center of your home. Refresh the mixture every seven days until you feel your home has been cleansed and purified. You can also use this blend in a spiritual bath by placing some in either a stocking or muslin bag and throwing in the tub. Burn some at your altar while reciting Psalms 91 and 23.


Sold as a Curio. For external use only.