Earth Elemental Pure & Natural Soy Candle (100% Natural) for Manifestation, Prosperity & Growth

Brand: Art of the Root

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Earth is the source from which all things grow. It is the ideal element to work with when manifesting your dreams and goals. Earth energy grounds your creative ideas. It creates the incubus from which these ideas blossom into reality. Earth also has the ability to ground our very being and helps to create our sense of self and our “realness”.  Our Pure & Natural Soy Earth Candle can be the foundation you need to ground yourself in the material world. If you’re having trouble focusing on your finances, your career, or your daily routine then come back to the source: Earth. Made with earthly beautiful herbs and oils including cedar, patchouli, jasmine, and yarrow, it comes in an 8 oz. container.

Our Pure & Natural Soy Candles are made for those of you who wish to experience the soothing effects and joy of candle burning without the overwhelming scents and artificial ingredients found in most candles on the market today. Our "Pure" line of candles is 100% natural and environmentally conscious. Absolutely no paraffin, dyes, lead, synthetics or animal products are in the wax or in the fragrances. In addition to the natural fragrances and soy wax, we add an array of herbs and essential oils that harness the power of aromatherapy. All of our Pure & Natural candles feature a unique blend of natural fragrances, oils, and herbs that target a specific intention. They are perfect to use during your favorite ritual, to enhance your affirmations, or just burn them for the glorious scent.