Fire Goddess Perfume for Passion, Confidence, Power & Manifestation

Fire Goddess Perfume for Passion, Confidence, Power & Manifestation

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Our Fire Goddess Perfume was designed to bring out your inner passion, confidence and personal power. Made with essential oils that are ruled by the element of fire, Fire Goddess Perfume certainly encapsulates the light and energy of a searing red flame. Made with hibiscus, heliotrope, cedar and a touch of cinnamon, this blend certainly has a light and musky flower scent with just a touch of added woodsy spice to it.  The element of fire is known for its ability to aid in any creative act and to help manifest one’s desires. Furthermore, it is ruled by Venus which adds to its passionate attribute. Our Fire Goddess Perfume is perfect to wear when wishing to increase the flow of passion in any type of situation. It also can help increase the flow of any type of communication or act of will. It comes in a ½ spray bottle.

Of course our Fire Goddess is meant to be worn, but you can also use it in a number of other ways. Spray a bit on your bedroom sheets, on your altar or even on a vision board. Dab some on any type of application or you can also dab a bit on your magickal tools.

Ingredients: Ingredients: Alcohol 39c, DEP, benzyl salicylate, hibiscus sabdariffa (hibiscus), cedrus deodara (cedar) rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary), heliotropium arborescens (helitrope), cinnamomum verum, fragrance.

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