Crown of Success Oil 1/2 oz for Hoodoo, Voodoo, Conjure, Wicca & Pagan Divination

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Crown of Success is another great traditional Hoodoo Oil. The main purpose for which it was created is facilitating your overall success in life and helping you accomplish goals. Therefore, it is the ideal for endeavors such as apartment hunting, preparing for a job interview, job hunting, or merely attaining some long-coveted objective. This blend is quite strong and effectively helps you eliminate many barriers and build bridges to success. A number of major life events and circumstances provide great opportunities for its use. Just a few examples are receiving well-deserved recognition for your efforts, creating a competitive occupational edge, bolstering business success, or landing that long-overdue job promotion. Crown of Success Oil is even effective in legal and love matters. Our Crown of Success Oil comes in a 1/2 oz bottle.

There are numerous ways you can work with Crown of Success Oil. It certainly is a popular blend to use in candle divination. To begin, you need to pick a candle that has the color that symbolizes what you are seeking, i.e. pink for love, red for romance, green for money, yellow for success or orange for a new job or new opportunity. In success or attraction work, it’s always best to work with a pillar candle that is large enough to accommodate a bit of writing. Get a toothpick and carve into the candle the exact thing you would like to obtain such as, “love,” “more money,” “a new job,” etc. Try to get as specific as you can. Because this is geared towards drawing new things into your life, anoint the candle beginning at its base and drawing the oil up the candle towards the wick. It’s also beneficial to put some images of the things you desire under the candle. Just make sure the candle is in an appropriate candle holder. Be sure that all of your images have a bit of Crown of Success Oil on them. When you feel ready, light the candle and say a prayer. One popular Hoodoo technique is to read a Psalm out of the Bible. For success work, I always recommend Psalm 23 or 118.

Crown of Success Oil can also be worn, dabbed onto important papers such as resumes or credit card bills (for money). You can rub some on your wallet, dab some on your cash, placed on your altar or even dabbed onto your business cards or cash register. You can certainly wear some for important interviews or meetings.  Drop some in a bath or put some on a yellow piece of cloth and keep it in your pocket or purse. One popular technique is to rub your front door down with a bit of Crown of Success Oil. There really is no limit in the ways you can use it.

Sold as a Curio. For External Use Only. Please do a skin test prior to wearing.

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