Blessing Wiccan Seed Kit with Non-GMO Oregano, Marjoram & Sage

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Bless your home & garden with 'A Witch's Garden' Blessing Wiccan Seed Kit.  Included are non-GMO Oregano, Marjoram & Sage seeds, 3 soil pucks, 3 biodegradable pots (2"x2"x2"), instructions for planting & plant markers.  It is a perfect tool for all of your Wiccan & Pagan spells and rituals.  Oregano, Marjoram & Sage help to attract good fortune, blessings & an abundance.  When your plants are ready, simply plant the biodegradable pots right into a planter or the ground.  Use this kit to help create your perfect sanctuary or give it as a gift to someone in need of support.  For those of you who simply want to deepen your practice, a seed kit enables you to connect with the energy of the earth. 

All seeds are non-GMO and products of the USA; whenever possible organic seeds are used.  SEEDS GERMINATE IN APPROXIMATELY 14-25 DAYS. *Sage can take up to 6 weeks to germinate.

Planting Guidelines:  Add enough water to reconstitute the soil pucks.  Fill the pots with soil.  Plant your seeds with just enough soil to cover them; although rule of thumb is to plant seeds equal to a depth of 2 times their width.  Use your plant markers to label your seeds/pots.  Gently water and place in a sunny window.  Loosely cover with plastic wrap to help retain moisture and warmth (think greenhouse).  It is important to keep moist, but not wet and be sure to check daily.  If mold is growing on soil, remove the plastic wrap, as your seedlings need more air.   Gradually remove plastic wrap when seeds sprout.  When seedlings are 3-4 inches tall, transplant to a container or harden gradually if planting outdoors.  To harden, place in a shady, non-windy location for a few hours a day, gradually increasing outdoor time and sunlight.  When ready, simply plant the entire pot in the ground or planter!  *Seeds take approximately 14-25 days to sprout. *Sage can take up to 6 weeks to sprout.