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Black Hawk Hoodoo Oil is the perfect blend to use when you are confronted with justice issue or simply have the desire to connect to an Indian Spirit Guide. It is also a powerful blend to work with in any type of legal situation. In traditional Hoodoo, Black Hawk is considered an important Indian Spirit Guide. Historically, he was revered in the Louisiana region and is honored as warrior spirit. Black Hawk was a leader to the Sauk Indian tribe during the early 1800's. He was known for his swift leadership abilities, particularly during the battle of Black Hawk in 1832. He was infamous for his battle techniques and succeeding at halting early settlers from moving into his people's region. Due to his resiliency and civil servitude to his common tribesman, Black Hawk was adopted into the Spiritual Church Movement during the 1920's as a powerful Indian Spirit Guide. Today, he remains a dynamic and compelling figure to work with in conjure. Our Black Hawk Oil incorporates all the right herbs, resins and oils to work with such a figure. Not only do we include the four sacred herbs of the Native Americans, we also add a touch of licorice and calamus to boost it's efficacy for those wishing to persuade or dominate others. Finally, we add a bit of marigold to help with court matters. This oil packs a powerful punch!  Our Black Hawk Oil has an earthy scent with woody overtones. It is quite masculine and would also work great with other male deities and spirits. It comes in a ½ oz bottle.

Black Hawk Oil can be worn, dabbed onto sacred objects, added to a bath, placed in the heel of your shoes, dabbed on an altar or any other item \you feel is sacred. Because Black Hawk is known for his need for justice, Black Hawk Oil can be dabbed on court papers, legal proceedings or any document that relates to issues of the law. When working in candle divination, a red candle works particularly well for justice issues and a red and black candle can be used to invoke the spirit of Black Hawk. If you are seeking inner wisdom or personal strength, a purple or white candle will work perfectly.

There are several ways to honor Black Hawk. First and foremost Black Hawk believed all things were related and possessed a spirit. With that being said, it may be easier to develop a relationship with Black Hawk if you think of him as your own ancestor or spirit guide. A spirit box would work very well with this type of ritual. I am not referring to the paranormal device used by ghost hunters! A spirit box is used by many cultures. Rev. Ray T. Malborough has dedicated a chapter on how to create a spirit box in his book, Hoodoo Mysteries: Folk Magic, Mysticism & Rituals. Give it a read if it's something your wish to explore further.


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