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Summer Love Soy Candle (Strawberry Kisses) Limited-Edition

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Summer Love Soy Candle for Sweet Summer Love
Limited-Edition (Based upon our Strawberry Kisses Oil!)


Feel the summer heat with this limited-edition candle.  Our Summer Love Soy Candle is here for the summer and just in time to help you conjure up sweet, summer love. With a hint of flowers, surrounded by juicy summer strawberries, the scent is sure to coax you into the beauty of summer. Whether you decide to find Summer Love in a new romance, or just love your time at the beach with friends, the look and scent of this limited-edition candle will take you there.  Made with all-natural soy wax, and adorned with Strawberry Quartz, our Summer Love Candle comes in a 8.7 ounce glass jar.  Get it before its gone!  

What does the Summer Love Candle Do?

  • Brings warmth into a relationship, friendship, or your own life.
  • Helps rekindle relationships that have grown apart or had a falling out.
  • Stimulates feelings of bliss and new love.
  • Strengthens a friendship or romantic relationship.
  • Instills confidence & inspires you to spend quality time with friends. 

What are the Ingredients in our Summer Love Soy Candle?

Strawberry seed oil, violets, pansies, peach blossoms, cherry bark, and many other summer associated herbs, oils, and resins.  Adorned with Strawberry Quartz. 

How to use our Summer Love Soy Spell Candle in a Spell or Ritual:

To perform a Summer Love Ritual, you will need a clean, heat-safe table and:

*Our Summer Love Candle

*A piece of parchment paper & a pen (use a plain paper bag if you do not have parchment paper)

*A heat safe plate

*An assortment of your 5 favorite summer flowers (if you can pick them that’s great!  If not, go ahead and buy your favorites)

*A pink ribbon

Begin by writing your petition on the parchment paper.  Your petition will state everything that you want in the coming summer months. As you write, focus upon your intentions and visualize them as if they already exist in your life.  When you are finished writing, fold the petition in half.  Be sure to fold it toward your body.  After the first fold, rotate the petition in a clockwise manner and fold it in half again.  You will then rotate the petition one more time and make a third and final fold.  Be sure that each fold is made by folding the petition toward your body, and each rotation is done by turning the petition clockwise.

Now, take the folded petition and put it on the heat safe plate.  Put the Summer Love Candle on top of the petition.  While visualizing all that you desire the summer to bring, begin arranging the flowers around the plate.  Place the first flower at the top of the plate, then continue, in a clockwise manner placing the flowers around the plate.  Put the 1st  flower at the 12 o’clock position, the 2nd at the 3 o’clock position, the 3rd at the 6 o’clock, the 4th at the 9 o’clock, and finally, put the 5th flower at the 12 o'clock position.

After the flowers are placed, light the candle and say:

As the sun heats the earth, and blooms fill the wilde
I'm open to draw in perfect summer love.

When the candle is done burning, take the 5 flowers and tie them together with the pink ribbon.  Put the bouquet anywhere that feels sweet and sexy, maybe in your underwear drawer or hang it above your bed.

Sold as a curio. This product is intended to be used for spiritual purposes. All Art of the Root products are handmade daily in the USA. Warning: To prevent fire and serious injury, always burn candle within sight. Keep away from drafts and keep away from pets and children. Never burn candle near anything that can catch fire.

Customer Reviews

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Shameika Newton

Omggg I love this

GraceMarie Elliott
Summer Lovin’ it!

I Love the beautiful smell of art of the root candles and the way the smell slowly meanders through the house. Always a treat and a Happy Moment when I receive a candle in the mail or delivered! I especially Love Strawberry Kisses Oil. It is my most favorite oil smell and so many smell so good. It has a light flirtatious and sweet scent. I just love dabbing some on every day. I was excited to see the limited edition candle and wish art of the root could make it all the time. I adore it and am burning it now It is so hard to pick a favorite when so many smell so good -however, because I love the oil-I love the “Summer Love” Candle also.

Waiting for it to work

So far the smell is amazing!! Waiting for it to work for my anniversary .

Amy Stebbins
My favorite oil in a candle!

I hope this is made into a regular addition to the inventory! I would always buy one! It makes me so happy just smelling it!

Susan M
Strawberry candle

I love my summer candle and the strawberry quartz crystals were extra nice. Bought one as a gift and it was well received. !!