Healing Bath Salts for Grief, Loss & Sadness

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Healing Bath Salts are a perfect remedy for both physical or emotional pain, sorrow, and grief. It is an ideal blend for helping you to tune into your own inner needs and find a place of harmony and serenity. Use it any time that you get over-stressed, depressed, or even when you simply need to unwind from a chaotic day. They have the ability to enhance your emotional processing which can enable you to better cope with and resolve big challenges with which you may have been faced. This distinctive bath is very versatile and may be used in many divination rituals that require healing. If you have sustained some serious loss or have a broken heart, a healing bath can help you cope with such painful issues. It comes in a 6 oz sealed bag.

What do Healing Bath Salts do:

  • Comfort physical and emotional pain.
  • Enhance emotional processing to aid in handling challenges or difficult life events.
  • Allow you to acknowledge, identify and care for emotional and physical needs. 
  • Ease stress, depression, or feelings of sadness or grief.
  • Remove negativity, blocks, and obstacles that stand in the way of your goals.


What are the ingredients in Healing Bath Salts:

Healing Baths Salts include both Dead Sea salt and a hint of Kosher salt. Kosher salt remains a popular Hoodoo ingredient, as it is known to help with purification and cleansing. To these salts, we add lavender, thyme, allspice, eucalyptus, and other healing-related herbs and oils.


How to use Healing Bath Salts:

You can use Healing Bath Salts as a bath soak to help rid the body of any unwanted stress or physical ailments. You may also choose to perform a spiritual bath by mixing Healing Bath Salts into a bucket of warm water and pouring it over your body beginning with your head and working down to your feet. You may also mix them with water and use this blend as a floor wash. This can be quite helpful when there is a lot of tension in the home environment.




Sold as Curio. For external use only. All Art of the Root products are handmade daily in the USA.

Customer Reviews

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Brittany Scott
I love the healing bath salt!

I love the scent of the healing salts and I felt an extreme weight lifted off of me after my bath with the healing salts. I've been using your products for almost 2 years now.

Lori Sorrentino
Healing salts

It is just so relaxing. The smell is just as relaxing. All the oils are made upon order and dated.

Healing.Batch Salts

Anytime I don't feel good I take a bath with this salts. Excellent job Art of the Root.