Dream Bath Salts for Prophetic Dreams, Visions & Clairvoyant Awareness

Brand: Art of the Root

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Art's of the Root's Dream Bath features herbs, resins and essential oils known for their ability to induce prophetic dreams, visions and clairvoyant states of of consciousness. Our Dream Bath is the ideal blend to help you deepen your wisdom, broaden your psychic abilities and discover the power of your own intuition. It also has the ability to help promote a more restful experience while you sleep. Made with Dead Sea Salts, Rose, Chamomile, Sandalwood, Thyme, Mugwort and a touch of Cinnamon, our Dream Bath comes in a 6 oz container.


We recommended using our Dream Bath prior to go to sleep. Make sure you save some time in the evening to really do a proper bath soak. You can even light some purple candles along the edge of the tub to encourage your own intuition. You can also put some salts in a bowl of water and place it directly under your bed where you sleep. You can even throw a touch of bath salts in the laundry with your pajamas and bed sheets. If you would like to gain more clarity add a little coconut milk into your bath water. For a psychic cleansing, you can add a bit of fenugreek to your bath water.


Sold as a Curio. For external use only. A skin test is recommended prior to wearing.