Chuparrosa Honey Bath 4 oz for Hoodoo, Voodoo, Wicca & Pagan Rituals

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Also called "hummingbird honey bath," Chuparrosa Honey Bath is also another popualr Hoodoo recipe made with matchmaking in mind (as honey attracts hummingbirds). A popular theory holds that it is impossible for the object of a recent Chuparrosa bather's desires to resist his or her advances. Anybody who wants a long-term love relationship may employ this formula. Chuparrosa is also appropriate for rekindling a relationship with an old flame or mending fences with an estranged love partner. Honeysuckle and honey are the main ingredients of a Chuparrosa Bath. Honeysuckle nectar has been long-known for its aphrodisiac properties and amorous associations. Indeed, Chuparossa Honey's heavy honeysuckle fragrance may be utilized as a token of respect for many deities associated with seduction and romance, like Venus, Oshun, and Aphrodite. Comes in a 4 oz jar.

Quite naturally, honeysuckle is not the sole ingredient in Chuparrosa Honey. Besides honeysuckle, this distinctive blend contains lotus, lilac, rose, and many fragrance oils and essential oils. Before you pour Chuparrosa Honey into your bath water, be sure to stir or shake the mixture, as the herbs have a tendency to float on the surface of the honey. As Chuparrosa Honey has a limited shelf-life, be sure to use it all within 90 days.

Chuparrosa oil can be used as a luxurious bath soak. While you bathe, visualize obtaining your romantic desires. Whether it’s new love you seek or a desire to establish a more passionate relationship with a current partner, use your time in the bath as a means to truly imagine yourself obtaining your desires. During this process, you may also light two small pink candles at each side of the tub, one by your feet and one by your head. Recite the Song of Solomon as your bath. You may also choose to perform an offering to a deity such as Venus, Oshun, Isis or Ashtar. Create an altar while petitioning the Goddess of your choosing. Light a pink candle and place the Chuparrosa Bath in a bowl and simply say your pray or petition. You can also create a traditional Hoodoo honey jar by writing your petition on a piece of paper and sticking it in the Chuparrosa Honey Jar. Light a pink votive or tea light candle on top of the jar. You can keep doing this simple ritual for as long as you like. Honey jar spells are slow but steady. If your patient, it can truly help you discover a lasting romantic relationship. Please note, I recommend using glass encased candle. You always want to keep an eye on the process.


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