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Feb 02, 2019

Unbinding Spells & Rituals: Breaking Invisible Ties

In our last post, we used the elements of Water and Air combined with perennial herbs to help us let...
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Jan 29, 2019

Winter Magick Rituals & Spells for Purification, Cleansing and Letting Go

Even though you slow down in the cold winter months, your magical rituals do not need to come to a standstill. Winter offers a number of advantageous circumstances that align with the power of elemental magick, particularly those of Air and Water. Using the the forces of air and water, a profound shift, for your benefit, can happen.

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Jul 21, 2018

Quick and Easy Banishing Spells

We often get questions on how to perform the most effective Banishing spell.  Of course, the best method for applying...
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Jun 04, 2018

A Full Moon Love Binding Spell for Commitment, Fidelity & Enduring Relationships

Timing can be a key element in any type of magical spell work and working with the phases of the...
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